… on my knees I pray…

On my knees I pray,

Break the hold of evil here.  Allow no little foxes in the garden, Lord, no snares.  Help us to be patient as we wait for Your hands to come upon us.  In all these things, keep us mindful that Your hands can do  great things.  You are the Maker of the universe.  We are very small, very small, yet the smallest is precious to you.

As small as Lilias, as small as Heather, they are all precious to you.  As small as all the little young girls and boys we have come to know and love, they are precious to you.  You own the cattle on a thousand hills.  Of all the billions on earth, you know all about us, our names, our hearts.  Grant us here joy, oh yes, LOTS OF JOY, peacE, FLOODS OF PEACE, mercy, WAVES OF MERCY, kindness, OCEANS OF KINDNESS, understanding, … how we all need understanding …

God in heaven, the apostle Paul urged us to be anxious for nothing, so that peace surpassing understanding will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.  And WE NEED THIS, looking at a day that seems so long.  A day could be full of anxiety and worry and fatigue that comes from anxiety, and waste of mind and heart that comes from worry(such a waste!!!) .  So much of worry comes from our concern, passion;  We have given our best (our health and wealth, our care and love as parents) to our children and also for the children in Cambodia.

From the passion of our hearts we call to you. Be in the midst of us in POWER. Help us to go through with peace and confidence in YOU and Your love for these children.  Thanks so much that we have a web of prayer support all around us, and thanks so much that we would be so much better together than we would be on our own.  Thanks so much for not leaving us to our own weakness of the flesh.  I ask that we all who join us in prayer, who stand in the gap for us, that we would be of one spirit, striving together shoulder to shoulder .. in no way intimidated by our opponents.

All this I ask in the name of Jesus, for He has power and authority, forever and ever.  Amen.


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