… spare a change & make a change, Part I

Today is Wednesday, 3 days after our 5walk, our feet no longer feel as much pain. On Sunday, the race was started at 11am. At 12:15pm we finally made our way to the finish line. At 2:45pm we were already on the GO train on our way home. Heather clutched tight of her 5K “2010 Finisher” medal looking out the window when the train sped its way to the west of the city. Lilias was napping herself away on my chest. Paul was smiling to me almost every few minutes without saying a word, but I know what that smile represents, that our God is truly bigger than anything and His scheme is truly far above and beyond Satan’s scheme. I was sitting there looking at Heather and Lilias, I thought of another 2 girls whom we “met” through a photo book “Traffik” by Norman Jean Roy.

About a year and a half ago, Paul and I came across this photograph of these 2 young girls (see photo below). Their names are not mentioned underneath the picture. It only says, “unnamed children of the prostitutes, Koh Kong brothel, Koh Kong province”. How old are they? Probably 5 or 6 years old. This photo haunts me so much. The girl on the right dressed very provocatively with an expression that is not supposed to be worn on the face of a 6 year old. The girl on the left – I don’t even need to describe it – she simply looks dreadful and frightened. Frightened of the camera, or the photographer?? Has she been photographed for numerous time for numerous reasons already? I know not but I know the answer is not difficult to guess.

I remember the first time when I looked into this photograph, I was at Starbucks inside the Eaton Centre. I cried and cried, I cried and cried. People stared while Paul held me tight in his arms. Something inside my heart was telling me that they are in immense danger. If I, a total stranger, can flip through this photo book, looking into their eyes and body languages in that so much details. How many other total strangers with perversive desires would do with this photograph? Or even worse that they would fly half way across the world to hunt them down and harm them. My mind stopped and my breath stopped as this was the thought that came to my mind when the 4 of us were walking and crossing the finish line on Sunday.

The crowd around us was cheering, the music was blasting. I couldn’t hear anything. I was holding my gigantic camera snapping pictures of Paul and Heather who just crossed the finish line. 2 seconds later, I can feel my tears streaming down on my face. I remember I was saying to Paul, “we made it”. However my tears was for something else. My tears was for these 2 little girls in this photograph. I was thinking about them the entire time after we crossed the line.


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