spare a change & make a change, Part II

Their mothers are prostitutes. MOTHERS! I am a mother. Even though not everyone are mothers, you must all be the aunts and uncles of nieces and nephews whom you love and care sooooo deeply. I am the mother of one soon to be 5 in October. Behind the idea of participating this 5K walk is to pick up all that we have to help and to get involved.

We had a few moments containing the following conversations. At the start of the race, holding my hands, looking up to us, saying, “Daddy, mommy, we are raising money for Cambodia. Cambodia needs a lot of money!!” Tucking one to bed last night and asked “Mommy, does the Cambodia children have families? Do they have daddy and mommy too? Cambodia has dirty waters. The children live in huts. They don’t have money to go to school or buy food and clothes. Do they only wear underwears? Mommy, can you show me pictures of Cambodia? Mommy, is God in Cambodia too? Jesus loves Cambodia too??” I was in tears. I held my tears and said , “starting from tomorrow night, we shall include Cambodia in our prayers when we give thanks to Jesus.”

Practically summarized everything I have been sharing ever since we started asking people for spare change 2 months ago.

My mind stopped right there and this thought came to mind. Our 5K walk does not only carry the fact of raising money or awareness. Of course, raising money is important. It is practical. This ministry involves significant dollars to make it a reality. Of course, raising awareness is important too. It wakes other people up to step up and to speak up. It challenges others to care much deeper than their own life retirement plan. All are good and beneficial!! This walk is not scrutiatingly long for anyone. We didn’t even have many chances to talk to other participants and walkers what are we raising money for. Only one lady asked us what is Ratanak Foundation and what does it do, and that’s it!! There were more people finding it interesting seeing me carrying a 5 month old on a baby sling and would come over saying to me, “she must be the youngest participant, good for you!!” and that’s it!! However God has something bigger in mind. He reminds us that the message that we are instilling into our children’s minds carries something much more significance in His reality as Larry wrote to us over the weekend. He said, “My children are always the ones who feel our enemies wrath every time I step up a little bit. In our visible reality even if you were to raise $2, 000 for NewSong I do not understand why your family faces such an extreme attack. I remember those were the words of the original group who fixed up Rahabs house; now we can see what is going on in Cambodia, satan probably tried to stop this right away.”

In our visible reality, what we did may not carry any drastic significance and changes. The $1,400 spare change may not put a serious dent onto a girl’s rehabilitation process. However in God’s reality, He revealed to us, this is a serious dent as He pushes the limit further and deeper in us that we not only put on His armour to engage the darkness, we are combating this battle with our 2 young daughters as we are fighting this for a lot of young daughters in Cambodia, a lot more like the girls in the photograph I described above.


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