… hopscotch …

Days leading to the day of leaving for Cambodia are not merely waiting time.  Waiting time is not wasting time either.  We have much work to do not for the trip’s sake, but for the young girls and boys Paul and I determine to do something out of our gifts and skills.

I read this line written by a mother on her blog:

“Photography has been a gift in my life. It provides focus and attention to things I can easily overlook…like cute chubby hands.” -A. Campbell

If I were to re-write this line as a mother on her blog about Cambodia:

“Photography has been a gift in my life. It provides focus and attention to things I can easily overlook … like the grace and gift I freely receive from my Lord God.” – J. Mak

How can I use my gift in the context of young children being sold to sex slavery?  A camera or someone who is holding a camera is not unfamiliar for them.  These devices bring shame to them, dishonour, humiliate, marginalize, brutalize and turn them into a numbered-product, up for sale on a panel-glassed room.  Ones who are wearing blue are Vietnamese.  Ones wearing red are Cambodians.

How can I bring my gears and devices in this side of the world (let alone bring them to their side of the world), press the shutter, take a picture, and claim that I can use this gift for their sake??

I know not how!  However, God knows how!!

The project has already set in motion.  Tomorrow we are going to meet one fine creative girl whose ideas already captivate my mind.

From ideas into drawings.  From drawings into a message.  From a message into actions.  From our actions (+ His blessings + His paths opened before us) into their RESTORATION OF HOPE!!

“At that time I will gather you;  at that time I will bring you home.  I will give you honor and praise among all the peoples of the earth when I restore your fortunes before your very eyes,”  says the LORD —  Zephaniah 3:20


One response to “… hopscotch …

  1. OH JESSY… obedient and faithful child! Wonderful daughter of God! The Lord’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

    Thanks for your encouragement. I pray I can have such faith.

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