… this one man …

My first stretch of flight from Toronto to Taipei, there was one man on the aisle seat, sitting next to myself and my team mate, as I sat in the middle. This man has this smoking bad breath carried with him, breathing out an awful stench and starting to get across to my nose. He moved and shuffled himself a lot. I needed to readjust my sitting position so that he won’t have his blanket pushed across to my side.  I was on guard and couldn’t fell asleep.

At last my team mate, LR, had a chance talking to him, finding out that he was heading to Cambodia, like we were, and said he was going to Cambodia working for a NGO.  Right off the bet I was very alarmed and got very antsy as the conversation went.

As soon as our conversation landed on the reason why we and the rest of the team came to Cambodia was to be with vulnerable children who are at risk of being sold as child sex slaves. He immediately dismissed that child sex slavery is not as serious as malaria and dengue fever. He then also dismissed that Cambodian parents would not sell their children for sex. My alarming system totally got out of whack as he spoke and muttered quiet words under his breath about how long he is going to stay and the uncertainties of how long. The profile and his intention of going to Cambodia started to surface in my mind.

I started to pray and commanded that anything that is from the darkness be immediately bound and fled in the powerful name of Jesus. Any form of darkness that is creeping to my skin and spirit, I asked in the powerful name of Jesus, to be immediately stripped of its scheme and action and that we all be covered in the blood of the Lamb.  Any demonic force, Flee away!!

I will never forget about his stench coming out from his breath and his shirt, the body odor rising up every time he moved and shuffled. I held my breathe and prayed.

After a while, as I excused myself to go to washroom. I came back, he was not in his seat, and I didn’t see him coming back to his seat for the entire flight journey.

This is my first encounter of a potential sex tourist.

As I landed on Phnom Penh International Airport, after handing out $67 bribe to the customs officer for my 2 suitcases of medication (yes you heard me, I was cornered to pay), as our tuk tuk driver drove us around the waterfront lined with French cafes and patios, I saw not only one sex tourist but a lot of them sitting by all themselves, having a beer in the hands, one even talking to a local Cambodian man (possibly negotiating prices). As the tuk tuk drove in a steady speed, I caught a very clear and clean profile of their look. It disgusts me right to the gut of my being.  Again, I retrieved my mind and lifted all up in prayers.

Father God, I pray for your protection as all these sex tourists flew from all over the world to do such evil thing with such intention in such a time. Father God, I pray you will stumble their way, mess up their plan, make them sick and ill so that their evil plan would not be perfected. I pray that as they come to satisfy themselves with such a distorted view of sexuality, they will know that the only way that can truly satisfy the void is to come to our Lord Christ Jesus. For He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.


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