… lushy green patches …

My thoughts to this day need to be organized in an orderly way, yet where to find time whilst fighting through jet-lag, Heather’s fever mayhem, the bitterly cold -24c outside of our house.  I often wake up at 2am, sometimes 4am, have the urge to write, yet I treasure the time of quietness and solace to simply close my eyes and pray to Lord Jesus.  Many thoughts are still inside scattering around, fighting its way to get out of my system, so theirs can be written and read.  All thoughts come out without chronological order.  Yet this strikes me in this early morning.

The duration of the plane ride from Taipei to Phnom Penh was about 4 hours.  I sat next to this wonderful team-mate, Peter Graham, a 67 year old retired accountant, whose love for God is contagious, whose knowledge of the Scripture paused all conversations but beckoned me to simply open my Bible and plunged right in.  After an hour or so engaging with him in conversation about how we both decided to come onto this vision trip with Ratanak to Cambodia.  I simply excused myself by opening my Bible and journal and scribbling away.  Then all of a sudden, something caught my visual attention.  The lushy green rose and appeared at the windows.  What was that??  Oh my, we were flying above the land of Cambodia.  I was saying to myself, “I am here!  I am here!  I am here!”

I have dreamt about this, but didn’t think it was that BEAUTIFUL when we hovered from above and looked down.  I took a peek down on the landscape. Cambodia from the air was beautiful, lush and orderly.  The Mekong River drew itself extinguishly  out of the green patches.  It is God created beauty right before my eyes.  I saw clusters of jungles.  I saw rows of red rooftops.  I saw temples rimmed with gold and red in colours.  I saw hatches of houses lined near the riverfront.  Immediately all these images were translated into “That’s the land received millions of warm and blood soaked bodies??  That probably is one of the jungles where millions of executions took place??  That’s the route and road where an exodus of civilians walked from the city to the village on a mid April day of 1975??”

I shaked my head with all these questions.  All I could exclaimed under my breathe is “I am in Cambodia!  Father God, this is the land You beckon me to love, and I in return to heed Your call to come, and do what?  You have got to show me loud and clear!”

I was clueless and suddenly in a state of mind didn’t know what to do and think, but simply drank my eyes into this lushy green land.  I was feeling quite fatigued after almost 24 hours of travelling from Toronto to this side of the globe. Yet I felt elated knowing my physical body was up above Cambodia. I got my very first glimpse of the country through the clouds, I knew I was sitting like a total idiot grinning for no apparent reason with all the questions pounding in my head.  I remembered that Peter Graham might want to take a glimpse out to the window too, so we exchanged some exclamation and small talks about how beautiful it was.  Amidst of all these, my heart was boiling in thanksgiving and praises thanking my Lord God for the privilege of setting my foot in this land that is already forever sacred to me.  That moment was my holy moment which I will never forget!!



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