… 2 years later, the stench …

I was browsing what I wrote 2 years ago, January 24, 2009, when I started this blog documenting everything I learn and feel for Cambodia, I came across this one I wrote : stench “What will be the stench I am going to hug and hold?  The stench of tragedy the Cambodian children are having now??”

I also wrote about this before, the stench that was rising up from her hair when I held her in my arms exactly 2 years later, January 24, 2011. I also shared about this stench with my core group last Saturday.  I mentioned this stench in my sharing and the tears worked its way up to choke me from going on, because the stench was the most beautiful fragrance when it encountered the love of Jesus, and the power of His grace!!  I had to stop talking and thinking but to start smelling and smiling!!  I am once again smelling and smiling about it now as I told Paul about what I dreamt last night.  More to write about later!!


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