… albino eyes …

I was watching intensely on the screen when Mr. Soeun’s face was taking up almost 80% of our computer screen.  I was watching “Enemies of the People” last Tuesday. I literally felt ants crawling onto my skin and making their ways to my heart which was inevitably beating very fast, my eyes were paying attention to every single details of the background of the outskirts of Cambodia where the camera was filming. The flying dust, the fighting cocks, the krama, the motorcycles, the sweats, the heat, the palm trees, the ditches, the scortching sun …. I have this longing inside of me that I wish I could jump into the screen and hop onto the motorcycle and sit next to Mr. Soeun and hold his hands which had held up a knife or a hox to end so many lives not too long ago. Oh Lord, where is this unfamiliar urge coming from? Is that coming from you? I pray that it is, because I know not how to square this among all the others that You have shown me so far about this nation!!

Mr. Soeun featured in this documentary has not left my mind since that night. His albino eyes were at the back of my eyes everywhere I look, every corner that I turn.  This morning the following popped up in my inbox,

Intercession is more than something you do. Intercession is something God does through you. It’s not about a day of prayer. It is about a lifestyle of radical, on-going commitment to be available to Him and on assignment with Him in intercession. It is a calling of discernment and identification. It requires dedication of soul and spirit to discern the reality and truth of a situation and then to identify with God’s purposes and pray the prayers that bring the two in line. An intercessor feels the needs involved and acts as a vessel to bring the promises and purposes of God to bear until God is glorified.

My heart was racing as this is exactly what the Lord has asked me to do for Soeun, to intercede for him.  For the past week, I have seen images where I would take Soeun’s hands in mine, I would walk with him and take him to a humongous waterfall.  We would stand together, side by side.  I look into his eyes and his to mine (like the way he starred at the camera after he demonstrated the slitting of throats).  He looks at me and we are standing under that waterfall and allow the water running and flushing from our heads to our feet.  The Lord challenged me to pray radically for him, to pray prayers that are intense, passionate, immoderate, drastic, deep, fiery and revoluntary.  Can I pray such a prayer like this?  Is this time are times that radically serious that Soeun needs such intense prayer that so-so lukewarm prayers won’t make a change??

How intense my obedience could go to tread in interceding for Soeun, that’s such an unfamiliar place, how much I could go to trust the Lord to snuggle me into His character for Soeun, by faith that I could see only what He lets me see for Soeun.

We were skyping with Reaksa last night, and I had that urge to tell Reaksa about Soeun, and even asked him to track this killer down like he did to the others in his own village.  Yet, seeing Reaksa’s broken leg arm, I didnt’ dare to ask .. maybe I will ask him later??

Today is Wednesday, another day for Paul and myself to steep into prayers and intercede.  Without a doubt, Soeun will be in the thick of our intercession today.  Would you join me, too??


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