… I am sore provoked …

“Yes, and we have our “sore provocations,” or should have. How else ought we to feel when we see all the ungodliness and unbelief round us on every hand? Would a light-hearted apathy become us under such circumstances? No, indeed! And I want you, please, to join me – or, rather, share with me-in the “provocation” which is daily with me in my work among the [Cambodian].

Let the terrible power of evil spirits among them be a provocation to you. Let their sinfulness, their fears, their pitiful weakness and instability be a provocation to you.  Ask God to lay the burden upon you, and that heavily – that it may press you down upon your knees. My prayer for you is that God will work such sorrow within you that you will have no alternative but to pray.  I want you to be “sore provoked” as I am.

Such a state of mind and heart is only of avail, however, as it is turned into prayer. Desire, however deep, does nothing in itself, any more than steam pressure in a boiler is of use unless it is allowed to drive machinery. There is a spiritual law here. A strong spiritual desire does harm rather than good, if it is neglected. An earnest desire in spiritual things is a bell ringing for prayer. Not that we should wait for such desires. We should pray at all seasons, whether we are prayer-hungry or not. If we have a healthy prayer-appetite, so much the better. But if this appetite be unnoticed or unappeased, a dullness will come over us and we shall be weakened in spirit, just as lack of sufficient food weakens us in body. See, in 1 Sam. 1:15, the way in which Hannah dealt with her God-given desire. Her soul was bitter, and she “poured it out” before the Lord. Blessed bitterness! but it must be poured out.”

— taken from the book “Prayer of Faith”, James O. Fraser

To my fellow Ratanak families, and all who are out there praying and have your hearts broken, eyes swollen, steps fallen for the people of Cambodia, I pray that your work and hearts for the Cambodian children are coupling with the heart of Hannah’s “bitterness of soul” that for how many times we have “wept sore” before the Lord.  When we spend much time on our knees praying for the children, for our dearest “S”, our hearts will go out in an agony of desire, a desire not of earth nor issuing from our own sinful hearts, but wrought into us by God Himself.  For Hannah’s earnestness, not in ourselves only but in all who are joining us all in prayer for the country and for its people.

In Your Son’s name, I pray.  Amen!!


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