… SOLD …

This song has been burning in my mind for a month since the “Ignite Justice” tour. It is simply powerful to listen to Kevin and Amy performed live in that rainy September weekend.  Spare 5 minutes and take a listen to it.  I am reading these beautiful yet bone-chilling lyrics which are not words on paper alone, or syllables on melodies.   It is the horrific reality of children in Cambodia facing every day, from dusk till dawn, from 6:00pm happy hour time into 3:00am wee morning hours or even longer and later.

The deepest hurt comes not from the injury itself but from the knowledge that they are so despised by some who would will their suffering and so unloved by others as to be unmoved by their suffering.”

– Gary Haugen, International Justice Mission, Terrify No Nore

In the world tonight
A soul is breaking
She’s putting up a fight
Realizing she’s mistaken
A dream of better life
For a nightmare of being sold

Outta sight, outta mind
The room engulfs her
Can’t look him in the eye
Wants him to get his hands off her
And in the back of her mind
She’s thinking my boy’s just two years old (and)

How could this be happening to me?
What have I done to deserve this?
I’ve seen misery in the darkest of streets
And nobody even seemed nervous

Falling for the lie
Her thoughts mislead
Dignity deprived
In the mirror, she sees a creature
Dying from inside
Broken beyond repair

Back in June or July
She set sail for freedom
Kissed her family goodbye
To make some money to feed them
And now she wonders why
She didn’t just stay there (and)

How can this be the fate meant for me?
What bet did I lose to earn this?
I’ve asked for mercy in the darkest of streets
And still I am at the world’s service

Tired of dying
Tired of losing sleep
Tired of crying
Tired of feeling cheap
Tired of hoping
Someone’s gonna rescue me
And tired of thinking
This is my destiny
This is my destiny
Is this my destiny?

So tell me what you think, O Lord!
Is there an escape from this world?
Could you get someone to pray for this girl?
So I know I’m not alone, I’m not fighting on my own

Tell me what you’d say, O Lord!
If I met you here today, in your words
Would you tell me it’s okay? Or
Would you say you know it’s wrong
And if I just keep holding on

Then darling things are going to change!
I promise you they’ll change
Just keep looking my way
You’re beautiful today

 In   the   world   tonight
A   soul   is   praying
That   people   would   unite
In   the   love   God   gave   them
And   join   her   in   the   fight
Against   the   nightmare   of   being   sold

(c) 2011 Brennan Sinclair


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