… beauty rises from the ashes …

The best time of the day every day is the morning drive. It is pitched dark at 7:03 in the morning when I set out and drive Lilias to my in-laws’ place.  The drive usually takes about 30 minutes.  There is this one street that has no streetlight and I have to drive along this one-lane road for about 10 minutes. All I am relying on is the headlights of my car.  Pitch dark of the sky is about to be cracked open by the first break of the dawn.  When the time hits 7:15am, I can see  layers of light rising up pushing upward to overwhelm the rest of the dark.  It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen to a point where I don’t mind stopping for the light.  So I can concentrate in looking to the sky and be mesmerized and be reminded by the beauty of creation through which the Lord genersouly shows His splendor.

There is this one morning when I was driving on that pitched-dark stretch of road, this song was drumming up in the speaker. At first it’s the electric guitar that caught my attention, and then it’s the building up of the rhythm that just drove my heart and lips to  sing along.

I looked over the back seat where Lilias sat, she was clapping and giving me this sweet smile.  If my precious 17 month old is worshipping in her own little hand clapping way to her Creator, I could do more than that.   I decided that would be my song when one day, I join in the saints and sing and praise to our amazing God in the heavenly realm.  Unexpectedly, I found tears in my eyes and I started to choke when P’s face started to emerge at the back of my eyes.  Yes, that would be a song I want to sing to her.  That’s what we prayed for for P last night, how her life is truly the living testiment of the Lord’s work of redemption.  Through her, there is beauty seeping through her tears and her sorrow, yet our Lord is the Redeemer of all these and will turn her sorrow into gladness, will heal her broken-hearted and will wipe away her tears.  How ironic that the world would choose to show a girl’s sorrow and broken down to tears, and yet choose not to see the redemptive side of her life.  When I met her back in January, she was as vibrant as a bursting sunflower.  Her face was so full of her love for Jesus. If you haven’t seen how one’s love for Jesus is on one’s face, you could totally find it on hers!!   It was mesmerising to see and to be around with!!  How she simply stood out among the crowd and led them into singing praises to Jesus, clapping in His rhythm.  Being around her, you know the Spirit indwells her, our God the Father anoints her, His peace rests on her, the Spirit of the Lord abides in her.  I would rather the world to be able to see that vibrant side of P, and be in awe of how amazing our God is when He has already begun His work of redemption in her life.  I was blessed on that January day to be able to witness deeply and personally our Lord God’s work of acceptance, giving her an identity, meaning, and legitimacy in His Kingdom that her earthly family knows none and offers none.

Paul and I prayed last night (and will continue to pray) for her that she is blessed to be a blessing to others around her, too.  We prayed that as she represents our holy and awesome God to others by releasing His heart of blessing to this world, to the village of Svay Pak, to the stateless Vietnamese people within the borders of Cambodia.  We pray that she would rise up (she already has risen up) to stand in the gap in prayer, faith, intercession, for the children who come near her every day, for her sister, L, to give “voice” on her behalf.  Indeed the Lord, her Father, has opened the door for restoration for herself, her family, and others.  That she is such an instrument of renewal and rebuilding of generations of desolation and dismantling the grip and ruin of the enemy.  As the Lord moves her, He can convict, woo, love, and reconcile the people around her.  Our amazing God makes all things news and glorify Himself through P’s life, and the glory of His presence puts its rubber stamp on all she ever is and will do in His name.  I pray all these in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen!

We can hear it growing louder
songs from every nation
rising to your throne
Saints in every generation
singing for your glory
telling what you’ve done

from the north and south,
we are crying out
there is hope in Jesus’ name

You’re amazing God
You’re amazing God

You can bear the weight of every heavy heart
You can heal the pain,
you can clean the stain
You can turn our tears into songs of praise
You’re amazing God

Beauty rises from the ashes
sorrow turns to gladness
when our God is near
You speak light into our darkness
you heal the broken-hearted
you wipe away our tears


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