… Dora the Explorer …

I was reading this Q&A with Jamie McIntosh of International Justice Mission.  The first question was :

How would you explain what you do to an interested 9-year-old child?

 We rescue people who are mistreated, bullied, beaten up or otherwise forced to do awful things that they don’t want to do. We work to help families who are held in illegal forms of slavery, doing brutally hard work in terrible conditions, paid little or nothing, finding ways to set them free so they can live better lives. We work to release innocent men and women who have been put in prison for things they did not do. We protect children from adults who hurt or mistreat them. My three-year-old son sees our work to protect children like Dora the Explorer and her cousin Diego’s adventures when they rescue distressed animals.

My 6 year old often asked me the same question, “Mami, what do you really do when you work for Ratanak?  What to talk about Cambodia?” This is a billion dollar question which I would never let it slide.  I take the opportunity to tell her, sometimes in situations that would lack of significant lingos to explain to a 6 year old why I do what I do.  She is way too young to understand the full spectrum of it, yet she can totally understand when people are trapped or being taken away against their will.  She gives them a word, “This is called kidnapping, Mami!  How to spell “kidnapping”?”

One evening she and I sat next to each other watching the movie, “Tangled”, we were watching Repunzel having this conversation with her evil “mother” about leaving the tower to see the floating lights.  My 6 year old knew Repunzel (at least in the movie) was being kidnapped by this woman, being taken away from her real mother and father.  She knew Repunzel was being held captive in the tall tower, and was never allowed to leave the tower. 

So, yes, Jamie McIntosh explained it plain right to his 3 year old son!!  International Justice Mission’s work is to rescue children like Dora the Explorer. Their work is like the job of Diego venturing out to rescue distressed animal.  As for me, I will never grow weary or tired to tell people what is going on with children as young as Dora the Explorer in Cambodia.  Most importantly, I will never grow weary or lose hope to trust in my Lord Christ Jesus that He who fashioned the ear hears, that He who formed the eye sees, that He who loves His people never reject nor forsake His inheritance.  I praise Him for the strength He has given me, othewrise, I would soon have dwelt in the silence of death while facing such immensity of evil being done around the world.  When I said, “my foot is slipping,”, it’s His unfailing love, LORD, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, it is His consolation brought me joy (yes, even joy!!) and hope in His glory. – Psalm 94 brought so much assurance and hope and joy in me for children in Cambodia!  May I say once again, Praise His name!!


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