… grieving and hoping …

I wrote “horses and chariots of fire” 2 summers ago, coming out of interceding for our little one then.  Now today is November 8, 2011, Tuesday, I find myself reading the latest news of SN, and going back to what I wrote 2 years ago and finding strength in His words and in His promises.  Because without leaning on Christ Lord Jesus, I don’t know how to do it another way!!

She is this one child that the Lord showed me 2 years ago to pray for her safety, pray for His intervention for her life.  Ths one child’s picture has been in my home and hanging on the wall in our living room, amongst my daugthers’, and her face has been in my heart, in my mind, in my prayers, in my tears, in my speaking materials, in my powerpoint presentation, in my every conversation that I had with people.  This one child was in my arms last January, when I held her sooo tight that I could sink my nose in her hair, and I praise God for giving me an opportunity to meet her in person, to hold this one “answered prayer” literally in my embrace, what a gift, what a blessing!! Now my heart is beating soo fast or also hurting soooo much I feel like I am having a heart attack just by thinking of her situation right now.

How fitting it is that in this morning out of all mornings, I also received this email whom Lisa also received from a pastor who writes the following:

 I think about the Already/Not-Yet reality that defines the New Testament and the Church (then and now). The “Already” is that through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, His ministry of renewal has already begun. We as the church are meant to experience, daily, forgiveness of sins, his resurrection power over sin and the strength to join him in his work of renewing the world. This  means living and preaching a message of hope in Jesus Christ, and demonstrating that hope by the way we love others. The other dimension of the Kingdom is the “Not Yet”. While the renewal process has begun, with the resurrection of Jesus, all has not been made new and right on the earth. Injustice, sin and death still pervade our broken world. And the scriptures are clear that this present earth and heaven are passing away. Eventually, when Christ returns, he will usher in the new heaven and new earth, where finally Christ shall reign and have dominion “From sea to sea” and where all sickness, sorrow and pain will be gone. We recognize then that until this happens, we will continually experience and interact with pain and hardship and the devastating effects of sin. These encounters are meant to remind us that a better day is coming. As Paul says in 1 Cor 15, if the only hope we have is for this life, then we are to be pitied most. So I commit to battle in prayer for her life and many many others, believing that as we do, the ‘already dimension’ of God’s kingdom has begun. The renewal process has begun because we are the carriers of His hope to those who live in hopeless situations.

I continue to trust that the divine intervention is far greater than the looming shadow of evil’s steps. The divine intervention will outnumber all the spiritual attack that is now surrounding SN. For we trust that when we ask God to open our eyes and let us see, He will let us see. He just did as I close this post with a lesson I will forever hold in tight embrace as long as I live, as long as I tread on this road of long obedience in the same direction for Cambodia, for the oppressed and the vulnerable whom He knows each one of them by name!!


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