… Men!! Speak up, please, Speak up …

Lately this perspective has been coming to my way from different people and from different email.  It was about a week ago that I bumped into this Love146 blogpost  challenging men all around to step up and join in this abolition movement of protecting young women and children.  The writer of the blogpost said he often found himself speaking to churhes all around which support the work of abolition, and as he …

… watches and listens to men, husbands, fathers respond. This is exactly the sort of thing men say: that the failure to protect women and children is inexcusable. But often later, when we sit down with our Task Force groups, volunteers who have joined us on the front lines of the fight against the exploitation of children, most of the angry men are absent. It seems that often men filled with righteous indignation and courage at our table in a church lobby or on a talk radio show, become a radical minority when it comes to the actual work of justice.

A quick survey of Love146 Task Forces suggests that Women out number Men 5-1!

From an interview with Daniel Walker, author of God in a Brothel, on engaging men in the fight against trafficking and sexual exploitation:

You tell [men] that they are bearers of the most wild, dangerous, untamed force for good in the world — that they are made in God’s image as defenders and protectors. And that’s their God-given mandate, as a man, to be a defender and protector of vulnerable women and children. That’s why men love war movies. We do the stories, we tell the activities we enjoy. We’re called to risk and to be dangerous.

I’ve found universally that, everywhere I speak, men get excited about the fact that they are suddenly being engaged and suddenly invited to participate in something that is larger than them.

It’s going to demand all of them.

It’s fighting an evil that is far bigger than them.

That will defeat them if they try and conquer it alone, but will require to work as part of an army.

And so it also excites men because they are tired of the imitations — and a lot of men, I think, are engaged in porn and the other imitations of real pleasure and real adventure, because the church has failed to invite them to be dangerous and to follow Aslan, the roaring lion, into a world where women and children are so desperate for them to show up.

And universally I’ve found that, when I talk about the need for someone to show up, men with all kinds of skills — everything from investigators, FBI agents to builders, plumbers, street sweepers — they know in their heart of hearts that little girls and little boys and women should not be sold. And they get a fire in their belly and they want to sign up to do something about it.


 8 SPEAK UP for those who cannot speak for themselves,
for the rights of all who are destitute.
9 SPEAK UP and judge fairly;
defend the rights of the poor and needy.

Proverbs 18:8-9


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