… “God can move mountains!” …

Lately we are asking our daughter to not only giving thanks for the food when we gather around dinner table, but also sharing one thing that she wants to give thanks for, to name that one particular thing she has experienced during the day.  For the past few days, she kept giving us this “one thing” : “that God can move mountains!!”  “Tell us something that has happened during your day” as if we didn’t want to believe her that she indeed could understand her Lord God can move mountains.  I feel ashamed!!

Now I understand why she kept saying it, I was constantly being reminded for the past week this great truth of our Lord God, He can indeed move mountains!

I woke up yesterday morning, felt the tug in my heart to get up and write on my journal as the entire house was still sleeping. I routinely reached to my blackberry, scrolled through all the emails that had been acccumulated in the inbox.  A few were from Lisa Cheong, one was from facebook, one was sitting in my gmail, all are entitled “Christmas at Svay Pak, Surprised!”.  There was this tug at the back of my mind “Yes, Lord, you found her for us already??”  I skimmed through all the lines about the party, the dance, knowing I would go back and read in detail later. My eyes just stopped when her words spelled out, “I was looking across the stage at the people walking by when two little girls caught my eyes …”

Two little girls caught Lisa’s eyes?? My tears already crowded mine and cannot really read the rest very clearly, but I knew it, I knew it!! They were found, safe, and back!! It was such a moment I couldn’t describe with words. I looked over to the bed, Paul was still lightly snoring in deep sleep. I didn’t dare to go wake him up with the news though I knew he wouldn’t mind.  Under my breath, I could hear myself saying “YES Lord!! Yes, Lord, You are faithful!! This is really happening!!”

A few hours into the Sunday morning, Paul was standing in the classroom teaching and the book we were working on is the book of Micah.   At the end of the lesson, he updated about SN that I had beckoned a lot of prayer intercessors to fast and pray for!!  As he shared about the story, all I was hoping was that this in other people’s ears is not another coincidence of prayer being answered!!  I was hoping this was not, in their ears, Paul’s intention to hijack the SS time to update people with our ministry in Cambodia!!  I was hoping for people, who sat in the classroom listening quietly, could understand that this does not happen easily, but to see a child being safe in such an impossible circumstance is because it’s the result of many many many faithful prayers to our Lord whose faithfulness is being gloriously displayed.  I was hoping through sharing this story of God, people could taste the sweetness of witnessing our true and living God actively at work when we seek His Kingdom.

I am praising Jesus for Paul to have the opportunity to teach Sunday School in this present time (Thanks to Sam and Pastor Adrian for giving him the opportunity, and also for Pastor Nelson to challenge him to step up in that very first Sunday 6 years ago!!!) and really giving him and myself a chance to really dig into His words which are the most effective fuel for us to press on in this ministry.  How awesome is that we could literally apply what we learnt on every corner and nooks of this ministry!!  That His words become alive and breathing air into our lungs so that all the theology that we conjure in our minds could only bring out  the doxology in our hearts!!    Like what we learnt yesterday from reading Micah 6, of course the most familiar passage, Micah 6:8:

What the Lord requires of you? To act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly withyour God.

The word “mercy” is not universal in different translations. Some translated the word to “Faithful”, “constant love”, “kindness, “compassionate”. The original word in Hebrews means “to love faithfulness” instead of “mercy”. God’s faithfulness was revealed in vv4-5. In spite of our behaviour, he is always faithful and show mercy to us. Thus, with that, we are to demonstrate the same to other. Ultimately, these 3 things only reveal the characters of God. And only when we could understand how “faithful” our God is, we are able to love mercy and be merciful for one another, be it for people in Cambodia or fellow brethens in your community.  We are called to be the intercessors, it’s not for us to take the burdens on our shoulder when people honour us with such a responsibility to be the urn to hold and cup that sorrow for that particular moment. Yet when that moment is gone, we ought to take that urn before our Lord Jesus and pour them all out, for only He could move mountains in replacing all our sorrow into gladness, to turn our mourning into joy!! How my faith grow witnessing His power and authority and dominion over such an impossible circumstances for SN and C, yet it is through having our faith increased, we are able to love mercy  the way the Lord loves, we are able to act justly the way the Lord acts, we are able to walk humbly with the Lord the way our Lord Jesus chooses to humble himself to come down to earth and give us new life and hope.

To share with you the joy that we experienced yesterday, here is an excerpt of the blog that was written by our Country Director:

 “It was not too long after this dance finished that I was looking across the stage at the people walking by when two little girls caught my eyes. At first I was in a bit of a shock. They certainly did not look like the princesses dressed up in ragged clothes but it was them—it was SN and her sister, C. Just over  a month ago on November 8th, I had blogged that these two sisters were taken by their father probably to Siem Reap since their parents owned a brothel in that area.

About 20 minutes passed by when I got a tap on my shoulder, it was Siny one of pastor Chantha’s disciples bringing SN and C over to me and telling me ‘I thought you might want to see your two friends.” I could barely contain my emotions as SN hugged and then held on to me and I to her and her little sister. The tears started flowing no matter how hard I tried to stay in control. It was no use. Once again, God had answered the prayers that many of us had been praying daily over this past month for these two. I just stood with them trying to regain composure and almost in a state of shock. God had given to me and to many of you, an early Christmas gift. He had once again shown His faithfulness to her and to us.

We are still trying to gather information on SN and her sister, but from the initial discussions it seems that her parents cannot go back to Siem Reap because the police want to arrest them so they may have no choice but to stay in Svay Pak and SN may live with her grandmother who maybe returning from Vietnam. God has an unusual way of answering prayers when we pray that He frustrates the plans of the wicked! His promises are so true!

SN has lost weight and does not look well. The smile and joy that was once visibly evident seems to have been smothered. But here again, we look to the Lord to do His healing work in her and her sister. He does not forget where He plants the seed and so often in our prayers for SN and for C, we have declared that Christ had the last word over them, not Satan, not their parents, but Jesus. And so, the Lord has brought His broken and bruised back to this little village that is notorious for destroying the sacred within these little ones. He has brought her back to a place which became her refuge, a place where she encountered Him as her Fortress, her Shield and her Deliverer. So yet again we are confident of this, that He will bind up her wounds, He will restore and rebuild the broken gates and walls within her, He will redeem her pain because He has the last word over her life!

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