… you may never …

You may never break down the cement walls of a brothel, but there are many other barriers you can break down, seen or unseen, to help gain another’s freedom. You may never risk your life to save an imprisoned girl, but you can visit her in her “prison”. You may never feed five thousand in one sitting, but you can feed five thousand a meal at a time. You may never die for someone, but you can point him to the One who did. Be blessed to know that you are close to the heart of God when you care for the “least of these. 

This was written by one who went to Svay Pak in early 2010 with the mission of blessing the community by painting a former pedophile hotel and drawing murals on a former brothel. I am sure they blessed the community with more than only a new coat of paint on the walls but with 12 fervent hearts encompassing passion and prayers for Cambodia. 

I shared the above with someone I respect greatly with an intention to encourage, I in return received another heart swelling reply :


Thanks for your moving words. For some reason many years ago, God gave me a passion for the suffering in Cambodia. It was a passion that was to change my life. Now, more than many years on,  I am more driven and excited by the prospect of changing Cambodia than I was the day I started. That is God not me but I am very thankful for His kindness in allowing me to tag along in what He is doing.

One of the most exciting things for me is to sense that God has used me to spread that passion for and commitment to Cambodia to others.  There are few things more exciting than seeing your passion becoming contagious! Thanks so much for being such a big part of this. Both you and Paul have been such an encouragement by bringing your skills, minds and hearts to this work. I am blessed by this. THANK YOU! 

I trust you will all have a safe and wonderful Christmas where Christ is close.”

Christ is close to us, indeed, today!!  Oh Lord Jesus, we love You, we adore You, we thank You, we worship You, we stand in awe forever and ever before You!! 



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