… I hope I can say …

On a day like today, news like the following keep running to our inbox despite it’s the eve of Christmas Eve, when people’s hearts are merry and full of green and red stringing lights, the darkness continues creeping in on the other side of the globe.  I could hear someone singing Christmas song in the office, I hold up my tears when one walks by my desk when I read the following:

The Phnom Penh Post, December 23, 2011:: A second paedophile walked free from Preah Sihanouk Provincial Prison on Tuesday after receiving a royal pardon, its director said yesterday.

German national Alexander Watrin – who had been serving a seven-year sentence for sex crimes against four boys under the age of 15 – was freed on the same day as Russian paedophile Alexander Trofimov, prison director Pich Veasna said yesterday. 

“He served nearly six years of his seven years sentence, so he also walked free from prison like Trofimov,” Pich Veasna told the Post. He said he did not know where either had gone and declined to comment when asked what effect their early release would have on their victims. 

Opposition MP and social activist Mu Sochua said she felt sickened when she heard of Trofimov’s release.

“I was sick to my stomach. I felt totally, totally exhausted. We have a moral obligation to protect our children from such characters. We have a moral obligation to expel [the pair],” she said.

“For all of those working for social justice, this hurts our morale, but it does not alter our conscience. It is not too late for Cambodia,” she said, reiterating that the government had a “moral obligation” to deport the two convicted paedophiles. “Otherwise, they are saying money can buy anything here, even our children.”

Watrin had been sentenced to 10 years in prison in October 2006, but the Court of Appeal reduced this by three years in 2009. Sochua pointed to the reduced sentences both men had received as dangerous signals. “The groups that protect children do such a great job, and there are so many police officers who work so hard to help, but the courts are corrupt. Freedom can be bought,” she said.

I am thankful that I was reading Isaiah 35 on my way in to work this morning, “Joy of the Redeemed”.  All I could manage is to blurt out the following to Paul who may be the only one today who would want to engage a conversation like this with me: 

………………….. and how these sickals could never ever walk along with the Redeemed unless they repent, Paul, like how your prayed the other night, we ask the Lord to put shame into their hearts, to look rightly and squarely into their sin, ugly ugly disgusted sin, and run to our Lord for mercy.  His wrath is huge and no one can be exempt from it.  No corruption can exempt anyone from His wrath. No money can buy anyone out from His wrath if these 2 men (and many many others) continue their wicked ways. We pray because we believe this is the only way to demolish the enemy’s stronghold on this.  We pray into the heart of wicked, to break the chain, to release your mercy onto the victims, onto the boys and girls around Sihanoukville. 

Paul: Amen to all of that!

“It is such a pedophilia haven.   Father God, may Your spring of life comes upon all these little ones, and those who are trapped in it for years.  May your waves of mercy like the water ebbing and flowing to and from the beach washing their shame and guilt away. Ebbing and flowing endlessly to wash them and clean them.  May they stand tall and be washed by You, protected from the enemy foes.  Father God, whom can we trust, but You? whom shall we pray to, but You?

Paul: Amen and amen!!

“As we pray with our hearts slashed open by such news, day after day after day, may our faith continue to explode into madness for you, and to ask for your power and strength as we intercede even on a day seems quiet and merry at this end.  We intercede, nothing would stop us from interceding for your children are suffering and exploited as we breath here.  I am angry and disgusted by the enemy’s endless destruction on your precious precious, yet your power is more mighty and powerful than what is in this world.  We trust in You, God, we trust and lay our hope, even if there is only one thread left, we lay ours in You, and You alone.  In your Son’s powerful name who could break apart anything and break into our hearts, we pray!!

Paul: Amen!!

Please, be my strength, for I don’t have it anymore. And at my final breath, I hope I can say, I fought the good fight of faith,  I pray Your glory shines, this doubting heart of mine, and all would know that You.  You Are My Strength. You and You alone, keep bringing me back home. 


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