… it takes a squirrel …


Paul asked me just now, “Did you see any more squirrel today?”  I said, “Not today, but do you remember the squirrel we saw 3 years ago?”   Paul said, “We saw one 3 years ago?”   I said, “You don’t remember?”  Laughing, I guess that is the difference between a man and a woman.

The story went like this.  I saw a little squirrel yesterday morning, she – I wanted it to be girl – was running on the power line, and almost missed a step and fell, yet she was able to find the balance and continued on her way to go to the end of the other side. I smiled and my heart swelled not only because the squirrel is cute and is now in safety, not only because I received a sweet reminder of His love, provision and protection for us.  It is also because …

…. this little acrobatic squirrel is no stranger to me.  I saw one doing exactly the same thing in the same January winter month 3 years ago.  That was probably a few days after the Rexdale conference.   I was in that very dark place thinking of all the atrocities about Cambodia I heard over the weekend, and I was convicted and didn’t know what to do with that conviction. Paul and I were still in the first few days of praying, and I was voraciously writing about it on my journal, and was eagerly pondering whether I should email Lisa to thank her (or maybe take her out for lunch!!!)

Paul and I were in the car driving to catch the GO train for work.  It was brutally cold that morning, around 7ish am.  My heart was heavy for quite a few days during which I stayed home and spent my mornings and afternoons watching documentaries made about Cambodia and the issue of child sex trafficking.  I was appalled by what I saw and learnt.  The first day going back to work after a few days off, it felt like I needed to enter into the reality of my world for what I saw and learnt about Cambodia didn’t seem like a reality to me.  It was so far, and so devastated and I didn’t know what to do.

We were driving on a street just outside the GO station parking lot.  Then there was this very squirrel sprinting on the power line sprawling across from the north side of the street to the south side.   I saw her sprinting away and all of a sudden she missed a step on her right hindleg.  I was gasping, ‘Oh no!”  Then in a split second, she managed to find her balance and merrily went on her way and arrived safely to the other side.   I couldn’t help giggling and I remember that was the first relief off my heavy chest, and I giggled for the very first time.  Paul said to me “See!  I think the Lord is givng you this squirrel to cheer you up and to tell you it’s going to be okay, honey.  We will keep praying!!”

I remember that soo clearly because that little squirrel was my picker-upper on that January day.  I saw a glimpse of hope and received a sweet reminder from the Lord that, “The burden you feel for Cambodia was not only for the sake of hurting your emotions and storming your heart.  There is a reason.  Keep praying, and wait, I will show you.”  We did keep praying with a lot of tears, with a lot of wordless groaning.  I remember it clearly and dearly!!

So fast forward to yesterday, another January winter day, and seeing a squirrel missing a step on the power line is a sweet sight indeed.  I am sure it is not the same squirrel (or maybe it is!!)  It brought sweet memory to see another one, doing exctly the same thing, under the same month; and I was pretty much under the same state of mind.  Not as dark and helpless as I was, but I now come to encounter my Lord who has been beckoning me and my family to surrender all to Him.

Dear Lord Jesus, you know the reason why we are here pleading for your mercy be upon Cambodia.  Whether she was of ancient ages, or of the present, we storm the gates of heaven for the power of oppression and injustice have no hold on her, for You are the Healer of all, for You restore the broken walls, for You renew the devastating cities, for You rebuild the ancient ruins.  We plead for Your healing and restoration by upon this land in the name of Jesus.  We come against all these in the name of Jesus even as we face the scheme of the enemy to destroy and discourage. We stand, we speak and we live in You, Lord Christ Jesus,  as You have all the authority in heaven and on earth.  You are the light that dispels darkness.   I pray that all that the enemy is trying to strike terror on the little ones, will immediately be frustrated and be held still and be dealt with in the powerful name of Jesus.   Let nothing and no one touch a strand of her hair or strike any fear and terror on her spirit.  For all of us here who are committed to intercede for Cambodia, may we never feel the shaking ground of disbelief and faithlessness because we are affirmed over and over again that we are grounded in You, in Your Love, in Your Grace, in Your Power, and in Your Truth.  Bring upon Cambodia Your Salvation, to be broken away from the bondage, bring upon Her all the peace, all the joy, and release her from the grip of the enemy as nothing of darkness can stand under Your Light  and Your Power.  We are asking You Lord as Your children for what is rightfully ours, for Your Power and Your Strength and Your Wisdom and Your Compassion for this long road of battle, yet we know the battle is Yours to fight and it is Yours to win!!

In your powerful name we pray, we plead, because we trust in You alone, Lord!!  Amen!!


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