… “I AM here!” …

To accomplish God’s mission, or to enter it at all, we must be convinced that God is not merely managing evil – He is destroying it. 

Without such hope, we will not likely enlist ourselves in the spiritual war that we see raging.  We are likely to explain away the present hurricane of darkness, acquiescing to it as if it were a passing outbreak of bad weather.  But we know better.  The Bible is clear about the extravagant price God has already paid to reconcile people who were His enemies.  The Bible clearly shows God’s determination to dismantle every evil power, with present-hour manifestation of the forthcoming triumph.

Jesus had one prevailing theme in His teaching : the kingdom of God.  He used that theme to call people to follow Him.  He used the language to enlist His friends to follow Him further — into the final stages of the global war against evil.

Christ’s focus on the kingdom of God challenges us with matters of huge significance in this war.  It is no small thing to establish communities of kingdom life as outposts of light in the midst of of spiritual darkness. 

Because of the surpassing certainty of the inbreak of the kingdom, it is not rare to find Christ’s servants loving their own lives so little that death does not threaten them. These people pray and labour for nothing less than His kingdom coming on Earth as it is in heaven

Such a pursuit of Christ’s kingdom is the heart of all true hoping.  It is the soul of all praying.  The kingdom of God is the core of all mission. 

I realize I have known quite a lot of Christ’s servants like the above mentioned and they have been such a role model to me.  Witnessing how they simply stand, stand, stand firm despite the grimsome circumstances of those whom they (we) serve in Cambodia.  They simply stand, and allow the visibly dark reality of the raging war as the fuel to their intercessions, as the words to their speech, as pleads to their prayers to our Mighty God, as tears on their faces when intercessions come to the highest height of speechlessness for the Spirit has His immense share to groan for us. 

To all these Christ servants in my Ratanak family and those who are in this fight of spiritual warfare,

whom I love,

whom I respect,

whom I pray for,

whom I work with,

whom I am constantly inspired and challenged by,

whom I shed tears with,

whom I sit next to every 2 weeks or so,

whom I serve with,

whom I entrust in His hands,

whom I met for the first time in Cambodia and now I meet them all the time in my prayers,

whom I write about in my journal,

whom my joy finds in,

whom I find you oceans apart from me,

whom I find you live and breath under the same horizon,

there are simply so so so so many, I cannot possibly name you all here.  I pray that you will experience each and every day that your inheritance in Him can never perish, spoil or fade.  Set your eyes onto His Kingdom, onto His surpassing power that overflowingly fill you up with His inexpressible joy and glorious love. 

A devotion I received in my inbox today, may this be the prayer for you, my dearest co-labourers! 

Father God, we know You are making eternal precious gold. May we all always look into Your face for orientation.  If we lose Your face, we lose our orientation. You are our true north.  May we always grip tight of this treasure map that You have given to us, the way to the gold, so let You be the marker that says to us, “You are here.”  All we need to know is a brush of Your pen that says, “I AM here.”   Father God, may we always stand right next to where You are.  Wherever we are and whatever we do for You, You inhabit this very place and this very moment. Be blessed with real faith that has been tested and proved genuine. Be blessed with faith made strong by Jesus the author and finisher of your faith. Be blessed with the riches of faith that is worth more than pure gold. 

Be blessed with trusting love that is certain that You are fulfilling your good purposes when we don’t know what You are doing.  Be blessed with love that is fully satisfied that You are keeping Your faithful word to us, no matter how long it takes or how contrary our circumstances look. Be thrilled with inexpressible and unspeakable joy now, and be blessed with glorious joy that sees us to the other side of our difficult circumstances. Be blessed in the name of the faithful One who is totally worthy of our love and trust. Be blessed with the faith, love, and joy beyond words that believing You brings.  In Your son’s name, I pray.  Amen!!


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