… 35 verbs …

Replying to a friend’s email over the Court of Appeal decision on legalizing prostitution yesterday, for those who are not familiar with this decision, the gist of the decision is :

1.  prohibition on bawdy houses/brothel struck down as unconstitutional (12 month stay on this part of decision);
2. prohibition against living on the avails of prostitution partially struck down – the provision is to be read down so that it applies only to pimps, or those living off a prostitute’s income “in circumstances of exploitation”
3. solicitation provision upheld
The effect of this ruling is that, unless it is successfully appealed at the Supreme Court or unless the government brings in other legislation, within a year, brothels would now be completely legal in Canada.

I in fact find myself writing about God’s faithfulness in the midst of all these. I praise God that before all these came into light, He has been re-assuring me that all these He has already come to know. I have been working on the book of Isaiah as devotion, and these 2 chapters (Isaiah 44 and 45) speak truth into a lot of situations that I come to deal with lately.

Isaiah 45:7

 7 I form the light and create darkness,
I bring prosperity and create disaster;
I, the LORD, do all these things

It is Him who creates light, also creates darkness, creates well beings, also creates calamity in the context of Isaiah 44 and 45. There are 35 verbs of God’s actions in these 2 pasasges. If I am not thinking of the legalization of prostitution situation, I would be balancing these 35 verbs of God’s actions on a scale with all the injustices being done onto Cambodia, for children being sold, for young women being acid attacked, for boys being raped and used as ladyboys. How can we even square all these if we don’t have His words of assurance for Cambodia, and also as a Canadian??

When we think of how our justice system is going to downward spiral, it’s where the Lord steps in saying, “Your darkness is my glory. Trust in me .. please trust me that I AM God, that there is no other. I am going to turn things around way far beyond you can understand. The virgin birth is a scandal, the cross is a shame, using Cyprus (a Gentile King) to liberate the Jews from excile makes no sense, and yet the Lord is taking the worst of humanity and use as a fountain of glory. He is harnessing the most evil of the evil, and He stands above all these, not even a stripe of evil can take away His power and glory that He has set for His precious children. It only fuels my prayers for my country seeing our country takes on this side of the stand.

If we believe in our Lord who could turn “H”‘s situation and community around in such a dramatic intervention (that our Country Director, Lisa Cheong blogged about this past weekend). We have all the rights to believe and trust our Lord would turn this situation of legalization of prostitution around in another dramatic way. And that needs our relentless prayers and our relentless faith of storming the gates of heaven for our country.

I am devastated but am not discouraged!! It pushes my knees onto the ground for my country. Legalizing prostitution would not be barricades for our Lord to reach out these young women who are being so trapped in bondage of centuries long of systemetic evil!!  These 2 passages encourage me so much esp during this time and season of my life, I pray that they encourage you as much as they do to me, too!!

Praying relentlessly!!!


One response to “… 35 verbs …

  1. wow! thank you Jessika for your encouraging post! I love how you keep on looking to Him and not the headlines as your anchor, and your source of confidence! and you spur me on to even greater hope becuase of your belief! thank you Jessika for fighting the good fight of faith! keep it up sista!

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