… just a bluff?? …

The Lord we trust in is indeed bold and with bravery.  I was working my way through piles of unanswered emails, one after another.  I came across this one in which one wrote, “thank you for your bold words and the great imagery in your emails.  God is so good in all circumstances indeed.”  I plan to write a one-liner acknowledging that and most of all clarifying that those words I wrote are not really mine, it’s His words because the Lord we trust is bold and with bravery.   When I read through my devotion on my way in to work, I find my eyes blinking through the bright light surrounded me as the beams of the sun shone through the window.  I bleaked and I read, that was the passage in Isaiah 9

God came to his people first when where they had suffered the most, the Galilee of the nations, and from that place he launched salvation for the world.  Isaiah uses the metaphors of darkness and light for oppression and liberation..  Whenever foreign armies marked over the Fertile Crescent to invade Israel, the first area to come under attack was “Galilee of the nations” in the north.  The Galileans knew slavery and despair.  But God turned invasion into mission by making the people of Galilee the first ones to see the light of Jesus (Matthew 4:12-17).  That’s how God ushered in the new era of triumphant grace.  We made on contribution to it.  The ones walking in darkness suddenly found themselves blinking under a new light they had never seen before.  His zeal brought a saviour.   The light has dawned!

Isaiah9:4-7 … “for the yoke of his burden, and the staff for his shoulder, the rod of his oppressor, you have broken as on the day of Midian – Gideon broke the power of the Midianite hordes.”

That’s a Freedom Fighter, like Gideon in the book of Judges, breaking all powers of all oppressors.  You and I are not the subject of any of the verbs in these verses.  He is the subject, true liberation comes from beyond ourselves.  How He deliberately reduced the size of Gideon’s army from 32,000 men to 300.  Wow!!  Thinking of these numbers give me shiver on my spine!!  If we have 32,000 armed and trained to fight the battle, why sending home the 31,700??  Why not use them all, but resolve for only 300, seriously??   That is the question I ask ever day, “Why?  It doesn’t make any sense.  The visible quantity looks meager, let’s gather more people to fight!!”  That’s our pea sized human wisdom could fathom and organize. 

Yet the Lord of hosts, our Almighty King, our Loving Father, our Wonderful Counsellor, our Prince of Peace has a plan that outfox our so called wisdom and logic, He has a plan that overwhelm all dominions, powers and authorities.  He simply used a bluff, an audacious bluff, with Gideon’s men blowing trumphet and breaking jars and holding up torches in the night.  He didn’t even need to do anything, just sent the enemies into a panic, and slaughtered their own men .. That’s our Liberator, that’s our freedom fighter!!! 

It encourages me so very much when I start my day here.  A lot of battles to fight in, and yet the Lord assured me that the victory is not our accomplishment, the victory should not even be on our agenda.  We step into the battlefield after the Victory is Won, and All We Need Is Celebrate!!

May you all, the Freedom Fighters, step into the battlefield every day, knowing you are celebrating the victory NOW for the battle has won ALREADY, our Lord has won the battle victoriously for you and for me!!!  His triumph is forever ascending, forever enlarging, forever accelerating, and forever intensifying!!  He has no limit, hence we shall never limit Him.  There is not a finite moment that I, the finite creature, had experienced are finite in the hands of the Infinite. 

I trust my Infinite Creator who not only will come – the Crucified, Risen, Reigning and Coming Saviour.  He will come back not to tweak the problem here and there, He will return with a massive, massive, massive, MASSIVE correction of all systematic evil forever.  The zeal of the Lord will do this.  How can I not trust in Him?


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