… desert …

What lies ahead?

Based on the experience of the Israelites, we can expect more giant obstacles, more resistance by the pagan itself, fiercer battles, and more confrontation with the forces of darkness.  That is the bad news.

The good news is that there are great things to come:

more positioning ourselves in Christ …

more victories …

more blessings …

more light …

more power in the Holy Spirit …

more of His presence …. and

more of His glory made manifest in our world.

For the joy set before us… !

God has purposes and blessings for us in the desert and afterward.  From there, we will know Him as Lord more deeply.

He wants to sharpen our listening skills to His voice alone.

He wants us to know that the only proper response when there is nothing we can control is to trust that He is in control, and He can’t get it wrong.

He wants to show us that there are only two places to go: down and out, or right up into His lap.

He gets us where we can’t move in our flesh, because He must do everything of eternal significance by His Spirit.

In the heat of the desert, He burns up or blows away all the wood, hay, and stubble of our pride, confidence, and striving.


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