… “When the broken ask you to dance, you dance!” …

“When the broken ask you to dance, you dance.” Rob Morris, LOVE146

What a simple statement and yet is pregnant with so much truth!

I walked into that boiling hot rooftop classroom in that hot and humid February day in Cambodia, knowingly I was walking into a roomful of bright young generation who had survived horrible abuses, yet their poised arms and legs give away the very beauty the Lord has created in them.   My forehead was melting in sweats, my heart was pumping bloodshots of excitement when my bare feet touched their tile floor … and the music was about to start …

… as they invited me to dance, I could merely stumble my way to join into a foreign yet gracious rhythm, moving forward in circle, praising the King of all Kings with their entirety of being.  Heads tilted, arms moved in circular motion, toes on ground, heels off the floor, steady in their steps, moving forward in circle, with their eyes and faces in such serious attention to surroundings … moving forward in circle!!

I continued to stumble my way, yet with their bursts of laughters layering upon the beautiful music.  For they laughed at my total opposite of their poise, yet they laughed because they feel secure to laugh at something funny without being reprimanded, without being coerced to laugh and giggle at something that are being done to their bodies to degrade and dehumanize them.

(For the first time, I utterly enjoyed being laughed at!!!!)

I danced, because the broken invited me to dance.  I am dancing again, because the now restored is inviting me to dance, again, even though I am thousand miles away from them!!

Today, my heart is in that classroom once again!!  I am waiting patiently to be sent!! Anticipating with joy, waiting with gladness!!


One response to “… “When the broken ask you to dance, you dance!” …

  1. I just had to comment on this entry because it was like reading a very beautiful devotion. The quote really sticks with me. Thank you for blessing me with your sharing!

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