… peace, like water, ever flows …

It is always a tug of war seeing our children every day growing and enjoying all that they have (which I praise God for His provisions and blessings), and yet thinking at the back of my mind for the others who are now in Cambodia whom God has also called us to pray for and to serve.  The collision of these 2 worlds don’t seem to be sharpingly clear as a dove-tail joint.  The struggle always sizzle in my head whenever we lift this up in our late night prayers when the whole house comes to a rhythmatic score of snores overtoned sporadically with crickets praising their Maker.

The Lord’s answer always comes to a whispering halt as we sit still and listen, with every pause interwined in our feeble petition and thanksgiving, here comes His voice,

“Release them to Me so that I can accomplish My will for their lives.  Live out daily the Life of Christ before them!”

His words in Jeremiah 10 once again sprayed fragrance on every breath I take,

The LORD is the true God, He is the Living God, the Eternal King. When He is angry, the earth trembles, the nations cannot endure His wrath. God made the earth by His power; He founded the world by His wisdom and stretched out the heavens by His understanding. When He thunders, the waters in the heavens roar; He makes clouds rise from the ends of the earth. He sends lightning with the rain and brings out of the wind from his storehouses. .. He is the Maker of all things, the LORD Almighty is His Name.”

As I think about our children and dream one of the many far away dreams of what they will become 20, 30 years from now.  Most importantly, how they come to know, You, Lord Jesus.

We learn to pray with foresight on how to entrust them in Your hands, Lord, on their journey of seeking You, seeing You, knowing You, understanding You, commiting their lives to You, serving You with all their hearts, souls, minds, hands and feet.

We learn to pray that with all the choices offered in front of them, they would choose not to ignore You but to acknowledge You.

We learn to pray for their hearts be utterly broken with a gasping wound for the hurts and the lost in their sphere of communities and no borders and continents could ever paralyse.

We learn to pray to focus on raising the next generation of prayer warriors knowing with all that they have received from the Lord, they would use to bless others whether in Cambodia or anywhere on the planet the Lord is calling them to.

You came to us as denses of fog and mist when we came to know you exponentially with barricades of trials.  Now You still come to us with the same fog and mist in various forms and shapes.  There is no other option for us to deal with but to go to our starting position – PRAY – with our knees on the floor, our feet sprawled-deep into the mud, and STAND.  One battle won, one battle lost, it is still Your battle through which You receive all the glory and honour, we receive abundantly with our faith pruned, chiselled and refined.

O Sovereign God, O Matchless King
the saints adore, the angels sing
and fall before the throne on grace
to you belongs the highest praise.

These sufferings, this passing tide
under Your wings I will abide,
and every enemy shall flee;
You are my hope and victory

To the valley, for my soul;
Thy great descent has made me whole!
You word my heart has welcomed home;
now peace like water ever flows.

No one is like You, LORD;

You are great,

and Your name is mighty in power.

Who should not fear YOU,

King of the nations?

This is Your due.

Among all the wise rulers of the nations

and all in their kingdoms,

THERE IS NO ONE LIKE YOU. – Jeremiah 10:6-7


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