… bless us with the pain …

Word of encouragement and blessing I received at the eve of the Ride from one who knows how it feels like to run/bike for Ratanak, for the little ones in Cambodia!!

I pray that you are tested and pushed as you are stepping out of your comfort level and physically going past limits can sometimes create opening in other areas. In your case I pray God supernaturally blesses you with the Faces of each child that will be taken from satan’s domain of despair and how they look than, as opposed to the faces of these same children as they are ushered into a Kingdom that their King knows their names as a result of the funding raised.

I bless you with pain and soreness during the race. I realized today the areas that I find sore after a long stationery bike ride are the same areas in a much smaller way that these children end up being sore in after being abused, and as this soreness starts up may you be encouraged not discouraged.  May you realize your ride is not in vain despite the whispers that will tell you so.

I bless you with discomfort after the race as each step you take the few days after the ride remind you again of the ones you rode for who did not have a choice to walk around with such discomfort, and their pain does not go away in a matter of days.

I bless you with even more donations and funding than your bold goal was as your Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and He holds these children even dearer than we ever could.”

Never a day her face leaves my mind, never a day her name leaves my prayers, never a day I will stop praying and interceding for her, until I know she is completely safe.  As of now, I know He is watching over and protecting her .. for her is only one of the many many whom we are fighting for in this battle against injustice.  May the Lord blesses us not only with financial support to our work in Cambodia, but also blesses us with the pain that will never go away to remind us vividly what is it like to enter into one’s suffering and come out of it victoriously!

For what kind of King would choose to wear a crown that bleeds and scars to win our hearts?  What kind of love tells us that we are the reason that He can’t stay inside the grave.  You, is it You, standing here before our eyes, every part of our hearts cryALIVE“. 

Look what mercy has overcome?  Death has lost, love has WON!!

To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.”

1 Sam 15:22


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