… Is this my food? …

“My food, said Jesus, is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.” John 4:34

But Jesus speaks of a work that moves in the opposite direction:

the more we do it, the fuller we get,

and the fuller we get, the more we want to do it.

This work is food, a thing that Nourishes, Satisfies, Strengthens.  We savour it, sit back content from it.

I am a glutton for this work.  It feeds my cravings.  It fills my inmost places.

I may go into it weary, hungry and thirsty, but I come out replenished.

I stood up to speak too empty I am sure I’ll fall over, only to finish ready to slay a thousand Philistines with no more than a jawbone.

I begin in weakness and end in strength.

He shows up in splendour when we show up in faithfulness, obedient but inadequate, trusting but inept, with nothing in our hands but our need for him.

“The Rest of God”, Mark Buchanan

Is this what I was sent to do?  Am I on course?  Is this my food? I think it surely is!!  For it Nourishes, Satisfies, Strengthens.  I savour it and sit back content from it.  I quietly bargain with my Lord,

“May I do this for life, is that what You call me to do until I take my last breath?”

May that very last breath of mine be praises to Your name and glory to Your fame!!


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