… wakey wakey …

“Wakey .. wakey!” I whispered to her ears at 7:32am, and my eyes were tick-tocking away on the clock thinking “hurry up, dear, we have to leave the house at 8:00am sharp, so we could be on the highway on 8:10am, and arrive at the church’s parking lot for exhibitor set up at 8:30am.”  Yes, that was what went through my mind on the past few Sunday mornings.

“Let’s go to Jesus!”  I invited her with such an audacious open letter.

“Yes, let’s go (to) Jesus!!” She gushed out excitingly with her voice still coarse with sleep!

This is a 3 year old who formulates going to church on Sunday as “Let’s go (to) Jesus!”

Who doesn’t want to be afire with such excitement when we in fact need to haul our suitcases full of Ratanak brochures and banner to a church.  We in fact are more than excited to go meet with partnering churches who have been supporting the work of Ratanak for years, and how generous they have been in inviting us back year after year to engage their congregation.   The privilege is ours.   The benefit is also to grip this opportunity to expose our children to different mission agencies’ work.  Through these experiences, we got to talk to them about different needs of the world to where the Lord called His people, how we are also called to give financially to undergird those who are called to go.

To me, this is a “wakey wakey” moment!! Not awake from a piercing alarm on a sleepy Sunday morning, but awake to the Lord’s invitation for me to be in complete expectancy at all times.

I read the following written by one great writer for many times.  Not only I enjoyed how he squeezed every drop of juice out of his use of words.  Not only I enjoyed how he painted the picture with every word neatly and sequentially come after another just to get his point across and made.  It is the fact that he somehow becomes a mouthpiece of my restless heart as he writes out this special encounter with my Lord God in this journey that I know I can never be able to record it accurately.  Maybe I could, but not as good.

He is everywhere.  He stands in the corner.  He shows up in songs I sing.  He whispers in places where only your deep could hear Him.  He shows me “Cambodia” when I stand in the intersection of Bay and King waiting for the light.  He shows me the faces of the 2 sisters when I read Psalm 103.   He knows I am dust.  I knows my life is like grass and flower in the field.  He doesn’t need to involve a barking dog or wailing siren to get my attention like the writer wrote, but very close!  Something uniquely lavished upon my spirit from the Holy Spirit is something that I cannot explain it away as random coincidence, but indeed, when He speaks, there is no way that you would miss it.  Indeed, when He decides now is the time for us to move (& … move on…), there is no way that you would want to stay put, stomping your feet and be whiny saying “no” to your Maker. “Earth is crammed with heaven, Browning wrote, and every common bush afire with God; but only he who sees takes off his shoes. The rest sit around it and pluck blackberries.


This is what the writer wrote and I find myself nodding my head along with every word:

“Our life,” the duke says in Shakespear’s As You Like It, “finds tongues in trees, books in running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.” This is not animism, not pantheism.  This is the recognition, a biblically shaped and grounded recognition, that God’s ways of speaking, His methods of disclosure, are wide and varied.  As such, we need to walk open eyed and with ears pricked.

Our lives should be lived with expectancy.  Not necessarily with expectation, because expectation tends to dictate terms.  The Pharisees lived with expectation and rejected Christ when He did not fit the rigid narrowness of their expectations.  Often I wonder if we, waiting for Christ’s return, do it more with expectation than expectancy.  Expectancy is the belief that God will do something.  Expectation insists He do it in just this way.  Sometimes expectation blinds us more to God who is here right now and than outright disbelief does.  The Pharisees couldn’t see Jesus for looking.  Or those two disciples on the road to Emmaus.  There they are, bemoaning the absence of the very one who’s present with them.  What made them deaf and blind?  Expectations: “We had hoped that he was the one who was going to redeem Israel” (Luke 24:21) But that “hope” took a form that shut out surprises, like crosses and resurrection and a deeper redemption.

Imagine a life buoyed by expectancy, by the conviction that the Lord will show Himself.  How, where, when – we don’t know that. We don’t dictate the terms.  We have certain touchstones, certain ways of sifting out the good from the bad, the real from the fake, fruit, truth, the exaltation of Jesus.  We don’t want to become spiritual rubles, open to the mountebank’s bluff, too easily dazzled.

By living with biblically girded expectancy, our lives stir to vibrant wakefulness.

We are talking about a tectonic shift in the way we see the world.  We are talking about eyes that see glints of heaven flickering in earth’s shadows; ears that hear angelsong counterpointed with the barking dogs and the wailing of sirens.”

… Yes, that’s what I meant of what I have been hearing and seeing.

I see glints of heaven flickering in earth’s shadows.

I hear angelsong counterpointed with the barking dogs and the wailing of sirens.

I hear children crying and moaning in pain counterpointed with the Lord’s angels army marching towards ground zero of disasters.  Overcoming.  Winning.

I hear droplets of spare change filling up a coin jar counterpointed with cheers of 20+ Grade 2 students whose first steps to reach out to those whom they don’t know.

I see clapping hands and waving arms worshipping the Maker counterpointed with an outpouring commitment to take Jesus seriously and literally.

I touch my heart burning for more of Him counterpointed with a group of passionate followers who simply have nothing to lose in giving themselves wholly to the Kingdom of God.

The Truth took hold of me.  The Truth, 10 years later, demands me to take hold of it completely in surrender.

Wake up! New life awaits.  Wake up! Leave your wasted days. Wake up! Feel the rush of Life.  Wake up! Open up your eyes. I hear Your voice in the morning light.  You call my name.  You are calling me to rise. Standing new, here in Your perfect Love. I lift my voice, tell the world, it’s time to rise and … Wake up!


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