… angels cheer & demons quake …

In this significant week leading up to this Sunday, an event that could change the tides and rocks of everything, also the lives of many, the prayers of many that breathe peace and truth and justice throughout decades.   The Lord reminds me of His godliness in the midst of all these through this passage, 1 Timothy 3.  A famous passage on qualifications of deacons and elders, and the paragraph was followed by these 6 lines illustrating the mystery of godliness.  The mystery is revealed in our Lord Jesus who is the perfect embodiment of godliness.

As the world is tilting upside down and rocking the right side up, as the world is anticipating for the result and the response, as the media is anticipating for the real drama and the consequent reactions.  I am aware that like a famous writer wrote here without hinting a single bit of what is heavily on my heart today …

“the real drama is in fact takes place elsewhere, in a realm beyond the visible world.  The main audience is cosmic, not earthly, angelic and demonic, not human.  Not a prime minister, not the cabinet, not the military officer, not the one with earthly power and authority, but the Lord of lords, the King of kings!  We believe we are engaged in something much bigger than mere humans can comprehend.  We believe that our lives sometimes make little sense to the neighbors, or even to ourselves, but there is …

… a throng of heavenly hosts watching with riveted, vested interest … 

… the godly live in a way that makes angels cheer and demons quake …

While a nation not only needs a competent leader, but one of godliness.  If we earthly mortals are anticipating for this very day, I cannot imagine what is it like in heaven.  Angels cheering and demons quaking.  Its loudness of rooting from each side.  How the result would determine a lot of the “here and now” decisions of the many.  Yet the Lord desires for the godly to have impact beyond the church, beyond the “here and now”.  The Lord desires for us to change the world we live in, change the way people see, the things we believe, the values by which we live.

Their influence translates into transformation.

We live in the “here and now” – here on earth in Canada, now of the summer of 2013.  We live our lives with ultimate purpose and reward, whether you are now serving overseas, or now faithfully supporting a missionary through prayers and a portion of your earnings.  We live in the “here and now” yet our eyes are fixated on the “there of eternal”.  The “there” where the glory will be revealed and the reward will  be bestowed according to what we do “here and now”.  Truly the treasure in heaven – that reward knowing only when we are with our Lord Jesus with no pain and sorrow, when He shows me the many wordless sigh of prayers were being heard of and treasured, when He shows me the cups of tears geysering as I entered into His bosom of safety were being stored away so that they be poured back out as rain of mercy when I, the sinner, need it back often for forgiveness.

We now live within a confinement of a physical body.  Get tired after a day of strenuous activities.  A case in point – I got extremely fatigue after donating a pint of blood and needed 8 hours of sleep to replenish myself.  It proves that our body is truly in a confinement of limits.  Yet the Lord shows me that through my physical body and my physical interaction with people, His presence can be rendered through me as a vessel channeling His kindness and goodness through my tender hands grasping tight of my 3 year old’s.  His tangibility can be felt through a tender giving and caring for my child when she is cowering about her fear.  Jesus incarnates in the “here and now”.  When such godliness stand among the “here and now”, you can sense that God is near and breathing close next to you.  When that happens, don’t you just want to inhale a big gulp of air and exhale your ugliness out for Him to redeem every single breath of yours!!


Injustice springs out as you know and I know.  We choose to not dig higher up and further in to the details of every injustice of the world because our heart capacity can only hold so much, can only be broken so much!  Yet the Lord, through this passage, again and again reminds me to ENTRUST JUSTICE to Him.  That I need not to exhaust myself to be vindicated when we are mistreated, misused, and misunderstood.  Entrust justice to the Holy Spirit to vindicate on our behalf.

Yet all these physical limitation and injustice in the world cannot touch the inmost places. That is our exclusive domain, to nurture or starve as we see fit.

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. This is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance. 10 That is why we labor and strive, because we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all people, and especially of those who believe. – 1 Timothy 4:8-10

I pray exactly so for the nation to receive all Christ gives her in order to become all Christ intends for her, with all her limitations, hurts, wounds, wars, betrayals, horror, for none of that can touch the inmost places where Christ intends for her.  But with all her hopes, dreams, hard work, redemption, transformation, love, grace, forgiveness, faithfulness, endurance, perseverance, selflessness, for all of that can touch the inmost places where Christ desires for her, that one day her influence could translate into transformation for the world to see, to cheer like the angels do!!


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