… love one another …

I read the following story on my way to work!  The grinning muscles were tugging my heart muscles as I know the Lord is taking me to a place of promise that I am clinging onto and also a process that I am going through and learning.

“Tracy* is one of the worship leaders at our church. One Sunday as she sat at the piano, the talked about the difficult week she’d just been through.  It was chaotic, she said, a mess of petty crises on top of a rash of minor accidents, all mixed up in a soupcon of crazy busyness.  It had left her weary and cranky.  She got up that Sunday to lead worship and felt spent, with nothing more to give.

She walked into the living room, and the window was covered with scrawl.  Her 8 year old daughter Brenna (I call her Lucy, because of her pitch-perfect resemblance to the character by that name in the movie adaption of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) had with a glass crayon scribbled something, top to bottom, side to side, across the picture window.  At first, it seemed to Tracy one more thing to do, one more mess to clean.  Then she saw what Brenna had written :










(Brenna’s delightful spelling)

Tracy stopped, drank it in.  Her heart flooded with light.  It was exactly what she needed to be reminded about : the gift of the fruit of the Spirit that arises, not by our circumstances, but by Christ within us.

And then Tracy noticed one more thing Brenna had written, at the edge of the window:

Love one another.  Only Brenna, in her creative and delightful spelling, had written,

Love Won Another

It’s what Jesus has been trying to tell us all along.  You were won that way.

Now go and do likewise.”




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