… Jesus, only Jesus …

Mercy-NecklaceHolding the words in my heart as if I was listening to the author who wrote the book The Jesus Creed, from whom I was sitting across in conversation over a cup of coffee …

He wrote, …

“Like the Canaanite  woman in Matthew 15:21-28 begging Jesus to heal her daughter and banish the powers of darkness, overcomes obstacles to reach Jesus’ power to heal.  Her faith – a relationship with Jesus – is accompanied by a sound mind, an active body, and a persistent heart.

Affirming the kingdom truth – the mind.

Acting on the kingdom truth – the body.

Persisting in the kingdom truth – the heart.

{Faith is a relationship with Jesus Christ.}

We cannot have a relationship with our christology – we can have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our soteriology cannot save us from our sins – our Saviour can.

Our ecclesiology does not make us  one – the Lord of the Church does.

Our eschatology will not transform this flawed universe – Jesus the King of kings and Prince of Peace will do that.

And, no matter how much we love theology – it will never love us back.

Only God in Christ loves us, and that is why believing is a relationship.

Tears fell as my eyes stopped at here, Jesus, only Jesus, would love us back.  Jesus, only Jesus, would yearn to be in a relationship with us. It’s Jesus, only Jesus, who stopped and heard of the Cannanite woman’s plead and he simply healed right there and then,

“Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted.” And the daughter was healed at that moment.

Who can command the highest praise?

You can!

Who has the name above all names?

Yours is!

Who has the key that sets us free?

You have!

Who can make the blind to see?

You can!

A brilliant writer wrote this in one breath:

Jesus of Nazareth.

Overflowing with joy.

Intimate with sorrow.

Hospitable to sinners.

Nemesis of evil.

Tempted in all ways.

Innocent of all wrongdoing.

At home in lonely places.

The life of the party.

Who turns water into wine, just because he can.

Who multiplies loaves and fishes, just because he cares.

Who denies help to his cousin John as he languishes in prison.

Who refuses to help himself when he staggers in a desert or groans from a cross.

Who goes up on mountains and down in valleys.

Who preaches to thousands.

But takes time for any lone beggar, weeping prostituted, groveling invalid, writhing demoniac, pleading father.

Who leaves banquets to visit the sick ward.

Who is silent when talking would help his cause.

And talkative when silence seems most prudent.

He is rude with bullies and phonies and prigs and, at the same time …

Tender with losers and seekers and penitents.

He is with us when we soar on wings as eagles.

He is with us when we run and stumble.

He is with us when we walk and faint.

Jesus, Only Jesus.

Jesus, You are with us!

… This song is dedicated to the many many little ones in Cambodia, who are hurting, who are wondering when will the day come when the hurting stops, when the beating ceases, when the assaults banish.   I am praying for you, wrecking in pain, thinking of you all, whether you physically are in safety but spiritually are still in bondage, I pray that you would know it’s Jesus, only Jesus, who not only will set you free, but can, and is waiting for you to allow Him to be in your lives …

I am begging Jesus like that Canaanite woman, begging Jesus to heal the sons and daughters!  I am begging and praying, in the name of Jesus, to banish the powers of darkness and to overcome obstacles to cry out to Him and ask for healing for the many many.

The story we are going to bring tomorrow night at the film festival is more than a documentary screening, but indeed a door swing wide opened to invite people to come to Jesus and beg together on behalf of the many many who know not who is Jesus.  But we do, and we believe, we should act upon our belief persistently and relentlessly.  May we all rise up as men and women of great faith, and that our request of seeing the many many be set free, our requests be granted – our sons and daughters be healed AT THAT MOMENT.

Who has the power to raise the dead?
Who can save us from our sin?
He is our hope, our righteousness
Jesus, only Jesus

Who can make the blind to see?
Who holds the keys that set us free?
He paid it all to bring us peace
Jesus, only Jesus

Holy, King almighty Lord
Saints and angels all adore
I join with them and bow before
Jesus, only Jesus

Who can command the highest praise?
Who is the name above all names?
You stand alone, I stand amazed
Jesus, only Jesus

You will command the highest praise!
Yours is the name above all names!
You stand alone, I stand amazed
Jesus, only Jesus!
Jesus, only Jesus!


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