… wait in expectation …

As the wheels of history turn, and it seems at Jesus’ time, He was under them, they crush Him and the disciples’ hope.  What the disciples need (it is also what we need right now!) is some evidence that death and disaster are  not the final words.  The Resurrection is the final word they need, and we need.  But how does His resurrection do for our own disasters, how does His resurrection do for the world’s disasters.  This writer, Scot McKnight, puts it this way,

We are reminded to make this claim, this is our claim: If we participate in Jesus’ resurrection by owning his story as our story, we find hope.  We follow Jesus when we enter his tomb with him, and in faith, cover ourselves with his empty grave clothes and walk out with him to a new life beyond our disasters.

This strucks me ::

Where peonies were promised, there were only the dead stumps of last year stalks; where day lilies were promised, there were unprepossessing turfts of foliage; where hostas were promised, there was nothing at all.  And yet I knew what lushness lay below the surface; those beds that were so brown and empty and, to the unknowing eye, so unpromising, would be full to bursting in a matter of months.  Is the whole world like this.  Is this what it might be like to live in expectation, real expectation, of the resurrection!

Resurrection is the final word!!!



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