… take heart …

Basking in His Perfect Faithfulness this past weekend …

… Sitting with a roomful of people gathered around, we shared and we prayed.  As we entered into one’s burdening heart, the pain overwhelmed me, tears steamed within and rolled down on my cheek.
We sobbed and prayed, “Lord, we don’t look at the mountain that seems to be so high for us to climb, we don’t look at the storm that seems to engulf us, but we look to You, we look to You alone.  We even dare to command the mountains and the storms to look to you only, and they would listen to their Maker, You, and the mountain would crumble and the storms would fade away.” Such prayer speaks of an iron fortified city kind of unshakable faith.  When burdens engulf relentlessly, we hold onto you, Lord, for you are the light and the salvation, whom shall we fear, You are the stronghold of our lives, of whom shall we be afraid?

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… One shared about her recent trip coming back, her voice choked, “It’s always hard to come home from it.”

One responded, “Jessy and I were there nearly 3 years ago, and I dont’ think there is a time that we think we are truly home.”

She teased something out from my deepest heart chamber and proclaimed it out on my behalf with just a few simple words.  It pains like salt pouring onto the open wounds.  It hurts yet it speaks the simplest truth that has been in my every waking and sleeping moments.  I could only look down to my lap trying to hide my tears and find words to steer this big honking ship.  Away from the pain, breathed through the sorrow.  When I looked up, I saw Paul looking at me with his gentle understanding eyes.  I know the Lord sees into my heart and He has been sitting with me for many months watching me struggling and wrestling.  The truth is I have never come home, not entirely, a big part of me is still hovering above the air over the land.  I don’t know where to go and lay my head, I don’t know where to stay and what to do.

I Am Simply Waiting … Waiting for Him to show up … Waiting for Him to steer this big honking ship to where He leads …

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