… 199 …

Why would you take a job that 199 other people could do when there is so much work Jesus is calling us to that nobody is doing?

Following Jesus Through the Eye of the Needle, Kent Annan

I read his book more than 3 years ago now.  I wrote this out on my journal to challenge myself without landing a conclusion as a result.  For I knew not what that one job that He is calling me to do that called me to give up the other one that 199 other people could do.  I had no answer, hence I stayed put.

I still don’t have an answer yet I am staying put with much expectancy fluttering in my being, with much forward looking body cells running rampart in my sinews.

I pull out Annan’s challenge and re-write it again neatly (as much as I can) with my dancing handwriting and this time, the Lord may have a  clear answer when I re-visit this question again.

“Lord, what is that one job that You are calling me to that nobody is doing?”

I am anticipating His same reply again, “Why would you take a job that 199 other people could do when there is so much work Jesus is calling you to that nobody is doing? … why? …”

Father God, I ask for your peace, for your confidence, knowing you have all in Your hands.  Father, I lay bare my desires and my heart to you.  Guard them, orient them back to You who are the Giver of all things.

May our lives be a reflection of the life of a mustard seed as we live out the Kingdom of God on earth.


May our lives reflect Your desires for us as Your Kingdom always call us to prefer …

… Small over Big …

… Weakness over Strength …

… Sacrifice over Safety …

… Now over Later …

… Eternal over Temporal …

Father God, may You take my weakness and fear and lead me to wholly depend on You to spring up my immediate obedience so that Your Glory be escalated!

Father God, may You receive my weakness and fear as my offering and lead me further away from delayed and diluted obedience.

Father God, may You paint-soak my visible circumstances with Your Spirit; driven and filled with Your sole desires!

Father God, I am waiting upon You!

I wanna float with You
The currents driving me
But I’ll paddle hard too
When the waves and rapids overcome
I wanna stand firm
When my minds weak and my emotions squirm
I must stand true
Whatever hits I’ll keep making movements to You


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