… incognito …

It happened early this morning.  It threw me to a startling confession and realization, “Truly he was the Son of God!”  No, I didn’t see the temple being torn apart like the Roman centurion did when Jesus, bloodied and beaten, hanging droopingly on a plank, before his eyes.  Yet today, I experienced How the Lord chased me, literally chased me after, to show me He has heard my prayers and beckons me to wait for Him to move.

I was awe-frozen in the car waiting for the light to turn, His voice vibrated and settled in my heart from the passenger seat on the right,

“If you didn’t stop for the light, you would have missed this little guy.”

… in another words …

 “If you dont’ stop and wait for me, you would have missed the treasure I am about to give you.”

His voice, authoritative but subtle, deep but gentle, is nothing close of this world could ever compare.  How in the world the King of all kings would carry Himself in such gentleness and pay such subtle attention to the quiet desires of my heart.  A prayer request I don’t even dare to ask for a third party intercession.  I ask Him not in verbal words but only daringly with the touch of a thought like a small dragonfly kissing the lake.

Yes, a slight touch of a dragonfly’s kiss!  He orchestrated it, He heard it, He acknowledged it, He answered me without an answer yet, and THAT is already an answer from the King of all kings.

My response to Him is ::

i shall not want

For when the Lord roams free incognito as He always has, your world immediately gets shaken up as “all that had happened, I was terrified, and exclaimed, “Surely he was the Son of God!”

The same way a Roman centurion makes a startling confession that day, “Truly he was the Son of God!”

John Frye wrote this and penned such a powerful poem, “one suggests the centurion meant more than he knew declaring the “transcendent dignity” if not deity of Jesus as “the Son of God”.  Everything is changing in these tumultuous moments of judgment and redemption as one troubling Jewish man hangs bloody and dead on a Roman cross. Cosmic renewal is at the starting blocks and Jesus’ resurrection will be the starter-pistol shot. Amazing. Simply amazing.

Torn Curtain

The sword cuts a deep gash in human flesh,
The holy curtain from top to bottom
On the Temple mount rips, mysteriously separates.

Two Temples purposely, violently damaged;
A Roman cross corpse and Holy of Holies curtain
Change places as God startles the planet.

The last deep breath of the Nazareth teacher
From a criminal’s hard, bloody planks
Breathes as King new life into the world.

A seasoned soldier, wearied by so much death,
Seeing, hearing a human’s cry like no other,
Declares unwittingly on the spot his disloyalty
To the forever false king, Caesar.

What a dangerous world with God roaming free!

* * *

“We may ignore,

but we can nowhere evade,

the presence of God. 

The world is crowded with Him. 

He walks everywhere incognito.”- C.S. Lewis


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