… shine …

Shine, Shine, Shine,
In the darkest place, go shine
Love, love, love
In this broken world, go love
Our God is amazing
Our God is amazing with love.
Our God is amazing.

The more we see
The more we love Your name
The more we love
The more we grow Your fame

Hearts of faith rise, unite
Join as one bringing life
Light the world, show it Christ
When you shine

Approaching my 6th year being captured by the Lord’s heart for Cambodia, January always serves like a milestone both physically and spiritually.  Not only it’s the start of a New Year, but also the start of facing another 12 months of waiting upon the Lord to place me in various places and share the most fragile vein of my heart to many who also share the same discontent for such injustice that is happening.

Approaching the anniversary date of my involvement always sends me chill on my spine.  How I am amazed by the Lord’s hands continue to move in my heart, fan the flame, and encouage me to stay on course, and not lose sight EVER on what He started 5 years ago.

Lately I have an opportunity to talk to one non-profit organization and learn that one’s measure of success of ministry is by aggressively increasing numbers of supporters, financial gains and returns, which I understand its intention though ghastly.  I was stopped by the conversation and asked for my approach.  In all honestly I shared how I had been, in the most unlikely situations which the world would have treated as unsuccessful, trivial and in a scale of small, taken flights after flights of spiritual growth by approaching new supporters, sharing visions amongst stories whilst receiving insurmountable prayers and financial support. I witnessed the most joyous reward which is to see His hands level out the mountains, smooth out the rugged ground into a plain, so that we could see His glory, to see an army of people rising up.  No part of mine was involved in maintaining aggressiveness, meeting targets calculated on excel worksheet.  Yet I saw (and still do) His glory shines brighter than ever before as I am reminded, time and time again, to simply remain in Him for He used the weakest to shame the strong, for He used the stutterer to be His mouthpiece.

As I reflect on all these and re-evaluate how I could serve better, love deeper, being in His presence higher up and further in for year 2014, this new Bluetree video serves as a beautiful reminder,

“jessy, if you ever forget or feel totally helpless and powerless in this ghastly fight against such thick darkness, remember what you have seen?  Do you remember humming this melody on your lips …

… seeing the familiar faces of the ministry partners …

… seeing shrubs growing on the Courtyard …

… seeing the blue paint on the fences of the Khmer community center …

… seeing a soccer ball being kicked on the field …

… seeing children clapping their hands and dancing to the tune …

… seeing the dust rising up from the streets of that familiar village …

… seeing two little ones twirling …

… seeing their floral dresses bouncing under the light …

… seeing a stack of bricks lined against the wall …

… seeing a sea of weathered faces …

… seeing a silhouette of vibrant worshippers …

… seeing many beautiful ones in their chocolate-skin …

… seeing them as I have held them in my hands praying for and washing my tears over …


jessy, this is Cambodia, this is the nation where the Lord promise to bring justice and peace, this is the land where justice and mercy collide when you intercede for her and bring them to the foot of the cross, this is the land where the more you look closer, the more you fall in love with the sweet name of Jesus, the more you see His work, the more His name and fame grow!”

The LORD is with you, mighty warrior. – Judges 6:12

Image : taken at Tuol Sleng, Feb 2011


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