… sledge hammer …

I find myself, after many months, in the “laying low and staying quiet” aisle where I need to be right now.

On the outside it does look quiet as a lone reed, yet inside, the Spirit has been raging a storm.  I cannot possibly put my finger on what the Lord has been doing.

On the outside, I am still actively engaging with what the Lord cracked my heart opened for, in fact I am entering into my 6th year.  He never stops fanning the flame and fueling His heart in my chest for Cambodia.  Speaking engagements are slowly filling up our calendars.  Events and fundraisers are all sprawling across into the mid year already.  Yet I feel alone in this journey even I am surrounded by many, like a lone reed in the scotching desert.

How in the world that the Spirit could stir up a constellation under the breadth of a skinny lone reed?  Only our Lord could!

He speaks, reveals, sends, opens doors, also closes many, raises my hope for something I didn’t even dare to pray for (like the Shunammite woman in 2 Kings 4).

When there was finally a spark in that reed of daring to hope and pray, He snuffed it out.

All I was left to respond is “All is well, Lord, as surely as the Lord lives, I will not leave you, Lord.”  For He is sovereign and reigns and rules over all things.

A song lyric captured it rightly, “The constellations are swimming inside the breadth of your desire.”  That’s the current lampost the Lord has pointed me to.

His constellations of His plan and purpose are swimming inside the breadth of my desire.  Waiting to be amazed and be in awe by one of His many constellations and knowing and trusting He is the beginning and the end.  He is my future and my past.  He holds the rein of the sun and the moon, and the many horses driven by kings.  It mirrors of such reflection of the verse He gave me years ago, if you raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses?

As we expectantly wait for the Lord’s next moves, may we wait with “hope that is NOT a whispy dandelion, with florets move with the breeze after one small puff”.


One awesome writer wrote this out and my amen just spills out especially after meditating on Isaiah 40 and 41 for many many months :

“Hope has calloused hands and a sore back, hope sweats and is known to let out a groan from time to time. But hope refuses to give up, its robust in the face of challenges and determined to see transformation come.

Hope is not dandelion which gets blown by the wind – Hope has roots in real places where we live. Hope isn’t a dandelion—it’s a sledge hammer. 

This is hope: the threshing sledge making the way to the New City.

Hope rooted in loss and lament will now exert massive energy in God’s transformational enterprise—to reimagine and rebuild Jerusalem into a New City worthy of the Almighty. 

Because I believe God transforms landscapes, God empowers those on the underside of the economy and the Spirit leaves no child behind when designing the New City. You do this because the God who does new things has made promises and fashioned us into heavy-duty tools of hope.  Hope is like a sledge hammer.” 

“Didn’t I tell you? Don’t raise my hopes?”

You hold the reins on the sun and the moon
Like horses driven by kings
You cover the mountains, the valleys below
With the breadth of your mighty wings

All treasures of wisdom and things to be known
Are hidden inside your hand
And in this fortunate turn of events
You ask me to be your friend
You ask me to be your friend

And you,
You are my first
You are my last
You are my future and my past

The constellations are swimming inside
The breadth of your desire
Where could I run, where could I hide
from your heart’s jealous fire


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