… here a shrub, there a tree …

… the longer the preparation, the deeper the work.  The deeper the root, the firmer the plant when once it springs above ground.  I do not believe that any deep work of God takes root without long preparation somewhere.

Sometimes what we do is like a man going about in a dark, damp valley with a lighted match in his hand, seeking to ignite anything ignitable. But things are damp through and through and will not burn however much we try.

Yet in other case, God’s wind and sunshine have prepared beforehand.  The valley is dry in places, and when the lighted match is applied –

here a shrub,

there a tree,

here a few sticks,

there a heap of leaves

take fire and give light and warmth long after the kindling match and its bearer have passed on.

This is what God wants to see … what God looks for his people is to pray for little patches of fire burning all over the world.

Mountain Rain, James O. Fraser

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