… carapace …


35 minutes of uninterrupted worship is what I am longing for in this very hour with anticipation, as I pray for,

a floodgate of His power,

a roaring of His glory,

a breezing of His mercy,

a knock of His invitation,

a shattered carapace of self sufficiency

to let in the inrushing of His grace

as water covers the depth of our trust

“As long as matters are really hopeful, hope is mere flattery or platitude.  It is only when everything is hopeless that hope begins to be a strength at all.  Like all the Christian virtues, it is as unreasonable as it is indispensable.” – Chesterton


I sit here, still, my heart moves in the rhythm as the drum leads, as the violin leashes my prayers into His presence.

My heart stills at the silence as I wait for the rush stirring.

I raise my hands up high as if it would escalate my voice of calling upon His name higher, further, deeper, into His heart.

I close my eyes and be led into the thin room and be soaked in His presence, assured and comforted.

The melting of harmony resonates a slice of heavenly worship as I have yet to be.

I am invited to merge mine with those layers of voices as the Spirit blends all into one heart of worship, welcomed and delighted.

I listen to the strings sliding back and forth.

I pay attention to what the Spirit is speaking.

I allow my fingers to move, to mouth the words that come out through my fingertips, this, to me, is worship.

I come still, listen, unhurried, listen more, tune my heart towards that silence.

I hear beautiful glory.  The peaceful lagoon of His masterpiece spreads across nations and oceans.

When lagoon meets the foaming ocean, it visualizes what we are facing now.

When hopelessness of such injustice punctures everywhere, it is His Hope begins to be a strength, in full throttle.  Yes, like all Christian virtues, it is as unreasonable as it is indispensable.

I think of many who boldly face and fight head on the evil giant who sleeps on and scheme over ways to prey for vulnerable, that is when we are at the beak of falling off the cliff, the Hope of Glory ushers in, in full power.

Evil, defeated and overcome.

Goodness, shown and proclaimed.

As I was worshipping for the past hour or so with these words, repeatedly, circling the reprise in many repetitions.

All the repetitions translates into our pleading prayers, the way the pleading widows prayed.

Over and over and over again, day in and day out.  She pleaded her case before the unjust judge.

This is what I ought to praise and sing in such repetitiveness, to plead, to pray,to praise, to plead more, to pray more, to praise even more.

… The name of Jesus, the sweetest name that is ever be …

… Christ is risen, our God, He is not dead, He’s alive, Our God, He’s not dead, He’s alive …

… There is freedom at the Cross of Christ …

… Freedom reigns in this place
Showers of mercy and grace
Falling on every face
There is freedom …

… My whole life
I place in your hands
God of Mercy
Humbled I bow down
In your presence at your throne …

… In my life be lifted high
In our world be lifted high
In our love be lifted high …

… Where you are I wanna go …

… Be exalted to the highest place …


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