… obfuscate …

She came home from a week away and announce this truth in such plain sight, “God talks, shouts and whispers.”

I came away today from someone pounding on the fact that God also chooses to stay silent.

So, God talks, God shouts, God whipers, and God also stays in silence.

Staying in silence could be one of the many ways He chooses to communicate.  Wordless.  Not a sound.  Not a wind blown.  Not a petal flown.  Not a song sung.  Dead white space between the alpha and omega.  No instructions.  Not a Yes, not a No.  Simply dead white spacious silence from the last audible to the unknowing breaking in of the next crash of His instruction.

Such understanding can also be an obfuscation.  What a word but as I look into it, it carries ton-load of theology of God’s many ways to communicate, even through silence.

… the hiding of intended meaning in communication,

making communication confusing,

wilfully ambiguous, and

harder to interpret …

That’s Obfuscation!

Mystery of His way often is an absolute obfuscation.

All I am required to stay unknowingly faithful to His ways even when I don’t understand, His answer is actually gushingly profuse in such silence.  Wait for it and distinguish it from all the other answers He has given you so far.  Sometimes He simply chooses the other way to capture my attention.  Whether I could hear Him out or not, He is there.  I pray for every prayer that get answered is not the end of the prayer answered, but to pray for the Holy Spirit to lead me to understand His profusing abundance.  That I could hear it when He talks, when He shouts, when He whispers, when He mutes.

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