… to my first born …

Dearest my precious,

Happy birthday to you as you officially are turning 9 today! With the past 2 weeks of celebrating and anticipating and waking up to today, I am more than excited to see you grow into the young lady who stands before me, with long wavy hair, with a mind so alert and curious, with your love for all of us so deep I could feel your hug and breath surrounding me wherever I go.

My dear precious, other than all the fun that we have had in the last few weeks, having your friends all gather in our house, playing games and eating way too many donuts, I realize that how you have grown so much (not only physically), but with your understanding about God, and even attempting to ask some big grown up questions. I particularly love it when you sat me down yesterday asking me “How can I become a Christian?” I pray that as you continue to ask these questions as you learn more about Him either at school or at NRG, or even participating in communion every month. The Spirit of God is working tirelessly in your heart, and I could literally see it as you wrestle with the fact of losing DeeDee on that Saturday afternoon in the parking lot.

Your tears are fresh and real and full of love and compassion. The way you cry out “forever and ever” in the car means a whole world to me as you already knit your heart with one whom you only spent a few brief moments with. Yet you also immediately turned to Jesus to cry your heart out. Dear precious, you may not know it, but this is a big step to see you lay down your worries to the Lord.

See, what He blesses us with? An adorable M who is already settling himself in our home nicely and making himself known more and more each day.

Dear love, don’t you see?

When we thought we lose much, He, the Good God, in fact is preparing us to receive much.

I praise Him for showing us this is how much He wants to bless us when we submit all our joy and pain to Him.


Today is your birthday. We don’t have any gift-wrapped gift waiting for you. Well, I could tie a bow onto M’s neck! We don’t have dinner reservation in a restaurant. In fact , daddy is going to growth group tonight, and I will stay home while you reviewing and studying for science test tomorrow.  I want you to know, you are so deeply loved by all of us, even more so by our God who makes you and knits you and blesses you with so many beautiful gifts and friends.

Dear my precious, may today marks a milestone on your journey of becoming the young lady you are created to be. We love you from the tip of your toe to the top of your head. We are going to tuck you in bed (or on the floor) as you drift into your sweet dream tonight!!

Let’s love Jesus, our only {Joy}, together,



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