… warm blanket …

 “Are you going to run home the minute you find that the mass of men and women are more interested in keeping their feet warm than in living at risk to the glory of God? Are you going to live cautiously or courageously?  I called you to live at your best, your utmost best, to pursue righteousness, to sustain a drive toward excellence. If you are already fatigued by this run-of-the-mill crowd of apathetic mediocrities, what will you do when the real race starts, the race with the swift and determined horses of excellence?  Are you going to shuffle along with the crowd, or run with the horses?   There will be retreats from excellence, veerings away from risks, withdrawals from faith.  It sounds easy, doesn’t it??

It is easier to define oneself minimally and live securely within that definition than to be defined maximally and live adventurously in that reality! Easier, but not better. Easier, but not more significant. Easier, but not more fulfilling.”

For years I carry the verse with me, to prob into my mind what does it mean by being defined maximally and live adventurously in that reality?

Yet all the while I am missing out on the bare bone fact of living adventurously does not necessarily mean we are heading half way across the world.  It could simply mean living by faith right where I am, to be simply stripped bare of the cushions of comfort.  If I cannot even do it here in the safe country, how can I compete with horses in the thicket by the Jordan?

I back-tracked the days, weeks and months since the heart-throbbing knock.  That was 4 months ago. Have that been 4 months already??  The past 4 months have been such a faith-challenging marker in our lives.

I am marvelled at the work of the Lord in my heart does not zero into one bout of Spirit’s nudging, but to spread out His prompting in space and time, in ordinary weekdays, in ritualistic rush of our mornings and evenings, in our silence, in a manner of coming before the Lord gingerly.

I am marvelled at the Lord showing us the realm of His economy would rush us into a loud and bold banging on the heaven door begging for a signpost.

I am marvelled at His invitation of my undivided attention to His nudging.  Not through a mountain top event.  Not a re-entry of my flailing heart strings.  He shows up in the most ordinary like days how David simply exists as a shepherd boy mending some smelly sheep.  The Lord’s presence to me at times are not even worth to blog about.  Yet it is through the ordinary, not blog-worthy material, I experience His faithful consistency that He really is not going to let us go off hook until we surrender.

In the act of surrendering, how we unknowingly fell into the “traps” (i meant, steps) of the Lord that leads to great revelation and landed our decisions on an epiphany which demands more surrendering that married more trust and obedience.

We had been onto this road before yet the intensity of the demands heightens when we know the change would be expontential.  The decision process can be a rigmarole, we paused, we prayed, we observed, we wrestled, we probed, most of all, we waited.

As we follow close to the Lord’s heeding and leading, the tension of weighing on the pros and cons vanished.  His invitation is plain.  Our answer is simple.  The conclusion does not take a thesis length to draw.

Sometimes waitng for our hearts to heed to His heart pace is the hardest posture of worship.

Waiting is the most humble posture we could offer to the altar to truly manifest the reality that “He must increase, I must decrease”

So we waited and wrestled, there were tender intimate moments in which we treasure forever, again not blog-worthy, not Facebook-status choices.

The tender intimate moments are not anything foreign factoring into our decision.  Not a tantalizing change of gear nor a full blown standing on platform opportunity.

It was the subtle “our-hands-held-onto-one-another-bowing-our-heads-low-in-prayers” peace awash over us. It was the peace that breathe and a thick blanket of His provision simply lays big, fat and heavy on us.

The thick blanket is nothing of this world.  Yet the thick blanket contains our body temperatures, as the temperature rises, our faith rises knowing full well that He is trustworthy.

As we pause and look back, we are marvelled deep to our bones that our only response is to worship Him for the wonders of His love for us, for His relentless love pursuing us.

Thank you Father for Your thick blanket.  We are all warmed up and ready to set out onto this journey!!

God our Father, Lord of all
Great Creator, You hear my call
God our Healer, God our Strength
Loving kindness is Your embrace
It’s who You areJesus, Friend above all friends
Laid down Your life that I might live
Faithful Shepherd of my soul
Savior, You have made me whole
It’s who You are, oh

Holy Spirit, Comforter
Your eyes are filled with laughter
You are wisdom, You are life
My every need You supply
It’s who You are, oh

Whoa, Woah, Woah
H-o-l-y H-o-l-y Lord of all
H-o-l-y H-o-l-y Lord of all
Worthy Worthy Lord of all
Worthy Worthy Lord of all


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