… bon voyage …

It does feel like bon voyage as we embark on this journey of homeschooling. Officially kick-starting the gear by going to our first ever homeschooling convention this past weekend.

Much to ponder upon,

much to pray about,

much to check off the list,

much to add onto the list!

Much to gaze into each other’s eyes to absorb the strength which we gather from the One who is the Strength.

Much to dissiminate in order to take our stride forward in His assurance of non-bubble-wrapping journey.

This is our prayer by the words of Annie Flint ::

I do not ask that I may steer
My peaceful bark by peaceful shores alone,
Nor that I linger, harbor-bound,
And sail no stormy seas unknown;
I only ask this boon of Thee:
Be ever in the ship with me.

I do not ask that I may dwell
From din of battle far removed,
Nor ever feel temptation’s force,
Nor ever know mine armor proved;
I only ask, through Life’s long fight,
Grant me the power of Thy might.

I do not ask, that I may walk
Only on smoothly trodden grass,
Nor ever climb the mountain’s height
And trembling, through its dangers pass;
I only ask, on rocks or sand,
The sure upholding of Thy hand.

I dare not pray for any gift
Upon my pilgrim path to Heaven;
I only ask one thing of Thee:
Give Thou Thyself and all is given.
I am not strong not brave nor wise;
Be Thou with me – it shall suffice.

I believe as we set our vision in focus, the Lord will steer the boat and keep us in the center of His will for this journey He set us out!

Ann Voskamp prayed through this and I am joining my voice in unison with hers ::

Father God, We believe in You. 

Jesus, Son of God, We believe in You.

Holy Spirit, We believe in You.

We believe in the Gospel.

We believe in Grace.

We Believe in sacrificial love. Believe in dying to self. Believe in the all-sufficiency of You and of the utter Completeness of the Cross.

Lord, make the universe of our learning and living and every breath have You, Jesus, at its very axis. Does history have any other message? Is there a more great and glorious subject? Is there any other truth? There is only one thing the children need to know: and it is You, crucified.

John Stott wrote: “The Cross is the blazing fire at which the flame of our love is kindled, but we have to get near enough for its sparks to fall on us.”

We are clinging to the cross and Jesus today, Lord. Let the sparks fall…Light the flame.


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