… dress rehearsal is over …

{Joy, oh Joy}:: is this homeschool dress rehearsal has slowly morphed into the real deal!!

Life just slowly steps into this new chapter without a clear “ready, set, go”.

We just go along and a day starts from 830am to 11am. A mini break. 1130am going strong all the way to 2pm.

My 9yo plunges right into the arteries, capillaries and veins like there is no tomorrow!!

My 5yo lasted 3+ hrs with phonics and tracing 2 and u, and finally spaced out – I am so glad she did!!!

The Lord has shown us one step after another literally like a road map. More we pray, more clearer He reveals.  We just follow closely and it has been such a sweet and full life!!

We stay close to the One who provides for all our needs, He is faithful and so gracious to us all!!


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