… abundance …

The last 3 months of involuntary hiatus on blogging pulls the inner thread of thoughts tighter and closer.  A man of few words will be my goal.  Looking at words appearing on the screen echoing back to my ears on what are drumming away inside my mind is a surge of assurance.  It’s a constant amplifier when every minute you spend is overflowing with His voice and His promises.  I could write words, many words, on every thread of thoughts, but time is of the essence when you get to spend a huge chunk of time with your children.  It is not blessing in disguise; it is BLESSING, loud and clear from the capital “B” all the way to the capital “G” – BLESSING!!!

we are living the rhythm of Kingdom living.

Kingdom living is not hurried.

Kingdom living is not worried.

Kingdom living abounds in fruits.

Abundance is not for trusting in, it’s for enjoying.

“God never hurries. No deadlines against which He must work.” A. W. Tozer

We sanctify the time by not hurrying against it.

We sanctify and magnify the 60 seconds in every 1 minute by stop being a talking clock shouting demands like drill sergeants to the marching youth.

We sanctify, magnify and fully engage in a ripen perimeter of time.

Not a minute is for the expense of killing.

Every minute is sanctified, magnified and fully engaged!!

Summer heat, not only pointing to the actual season we are now in.  It’s the state of my heart.

It’s abundance in everything.  My heart is expanded in full stretch for our girls, for Paul, for the Lord who really cares to the smallest speck of my heart and invite us to this bold step of change.

Abundance of time to lavish love and well thought out actions to magnify the love.

Abundance of His provision at every turn as we know we own nothing but all His.

Abundance of learning, not only on academic, in fact academic will be put at the very end of the line.  Below is the line up in the order He has been breathing deep into our beings after we pray, pray, pray and pray for many many many months:

  1. Discipleship
  2. Spiritual growth
  3. Deep bonding time
  4. Sacrificial love in our marriage as we sense anew and afresh appreciation for each other to make homeschooling a reality
  5. Absolute surrendering of our desires, our dreams, our wants
  6. Await expectantly for His reward in any form and shape He thinks fit

As we draw closer to each other, this verse has been ringing loud, Isaiah 50:4

The Sovereign Lord has given me a well-instructed tongue,
    to know the word that sustains the weary.
He wakens me morning by morning,
    wakens my ear to listen like one being instructed.

Father Lord, I wake every morning awaiting for your instructed word as my tongue and ears are leaning towards You, give me Your words, and fill me up!


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